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My Diet

Alright i am gonna post my monday through friday diet.From morning to right after the gym it stays pretty much the same.Weekends and dinner vary.

I get up at 5 am
Creatine ethyl ester
5:30 am bowl of cereal,Cheerios,raisen bran
Start work at 6.
Coffee,little sugar and cream
8:30 big bowl of oatmeal
Around 9,9:30 big protien shake,40grams with flax meal.
10 am granola bar

11:00 lunch
Two sandwiches,tuna,roast beef,turkey,chicken.It varys.
I also snack on peanuts through out the day.
Around 2,2:30 i eat a bunch of cottage cheese.
Off at 3:30 gym at 4.
Lift about an hour,take another dose of creatine
Drive home then slam another protien shake with flax meal.
Then dinner.

I am lifting for size and strength
Im 6’4" 215 probably 12-15 % bf.
I cant eat alot at my bench thrugh out the day so i eat what i can.Should i eat more carbs or protien or what.Also i can eat alot ore food in the am then the pm.I generally dont eatmass at dinner.I eat a fare amount but not a ton.On the weekends i just try to avoid getting hungery and stay hydrated.

how many grams of protein do you eat a day?