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My Diet

Well, I’ve been putting on muscle for a while now, and at first i went about it all the wrong way (I ate everyhting, mostly empty calories). For about a year now I have been eating clean and training properly. I really can’t do a classic bulk anymore, I gain way to much fat.

The thing is, ive been struggling to lose fat for years now. Then I got into bodybuilding and shot up to 205 at my heaviest (fall 2005). I gained some good muscle there but way too much fat.

recently, i have been training hard and dieting very hard, and I lost 30 pounds while gaining strength. I am now at 163, and i am trying as hard as I can to lose the rest of this fat while putting on muscle (which is probably impossible but I just can’t bulk). I train twice a day:

Day 1: Morning Upper pulling, Evening Lower Pushing

Day 2: Morning Upper Pushing, Evening Lower Pulling

In between, I play tennis/volleyball almost all day (these two sports were what made me lose the 30 pounds in the first place). My diet is as follows:

Pre-workout/breakfast: Oatmeal using liquified cottagecheese as the liquid / multi-vitamin/BCAA-Pro/Flame out

Post workout: Protein shake using very small amount milk, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, two scoops BMF X4 Protein powder

Lunch: Turkey wrap using whole wheat fiber tortillas which have 12 g fiber and 20 g carbs

Pre-workout/Dinner: Steak/Chicken with roast veggies, maybe a small amount of brown rice but usually no rice

Post workout/pre-bed: Casein Protein

This diet looks/sounds small, especially since im lifting twice a day and exercising almost the entire time in-between, so I’m wonering if I’m doing it wrong. Just keep in mind that I am truly cursed when it comes to dropping fat/keeping it off.

First off PLEASE edit that post get some spaces etc in there so we can read the thing. some space for the eyes to rest.

then more info on you hieght etc.

Then more info on the diet take the time to give us the macro breakdown and k/cal level.

The training I think your prob over doing it A LOT more is not better. List what these session consist of exercises resp stes rest etc.

Are you doing this 7 days a week??

Give us the time and more info and we’ll try and help,

I am 18 years old, 5’9", 163.

This training program does sound like alot, I used to do only one workout a day and just started doing two.

I do this as long as I can until I feel too tired, then I take a day off and start where I left off.

Usually that ends up being 4-7 days straight, then one day off.

My training, however, is going real well. At the beggining of spring, I could do only 1-2 pullups, whereas now I have gotten it up to around 17 (I have lost some weight since then, but not too much since most of what I lost was before I started working on pullups).

Every other lift is increasing with each workout- either in reps or duration of the eccentric portion or eventually load.

My real concern is this: I follow most of the rules and eat clean 100% of the time. I time my nutrition so that the vast majority of my small carb intake comes in the morning, while fats prevail at night. I get ample amounts of protein - about 1.2-1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight. I eat only about 100 grams of carbs a day, and a helluva lot of that is fiber or veggie carbs (the only sugar i get is a small amount from cottage cheese).

I am steadily losing weight, but strength is increasing more than I ever expected, and I am looking much bigger. Is it really possible that I am preserving or even gaining muscle mass on such a spartan diet and with so much exercise? im afraid that I am missing something.

Gaining str. losing fat. whats the prob dont fix what aint broke.

I still have to say you are either lolly gagging in the weight room or doing VERY minimal exercises set reps etc to stick to that routine. may look at the training if anything.

Keep up the good work,

Thanks for the advice. If you think about it though, I am only training the same muscle group once every two days, which is what is recommended by many coaches…

this program allowes me to train a maximum amount of time with minimum rest in between sessions, bu still be recovered for the next time I train that muscle group.

You might be right though, maybe I’ll burn out. we’ll see…