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My diet

Hello T-men, I’m new to this great board and would please like your feedback on my diet.
I am 20, 5.10, 143lbs, 6%BF and trying to gain mass:

  1. 1 tablespoon Udo’s Choice
    1 small bowl of non-fat cottage cheese
    1 scoop of Whey Protein
    1 bowl of oatmeal mixed with some strawberries
  2. workout
    (post workout): 1 ripe banana
    1 MRP shake (2 scoops GROW!) mixed with ½ scoop of Whey and strawberries
  3. Pasta with 35-40g protein (tuna, meat mince…)
    1 teaspoon Udo’s Choice
    4)1 MRP (full serving GROW!) mixed with a glass of skim milk, strawberries and almonds.
    5)1 bowl of non fat cottage cheese
    1 banana
    6)1 sweet potato
    1 chicken breast/ fish
    1 bowl of vegetables
    1 teaspoon Udo’s Choice
  4. 1 scoop of whey mixed with skim milk
  5. 1 scoop of whey (sometimes in the middle of the night)

I am cycling Tribex and just ordered some Methoxy-7. I also use ZMA and Glutamine. The whey I use are Prolab Isolate and Methoxy-Pro.
Thanks for your help.

Your diet looks pretty good, maybe some more red meat and salmon and some nuts. Looking at your case it seems like the tail is wagging the dog. Just eating alone will not produce muscle (look at prisoners) they get huge but eat very little. I suggest you put as much time into designing your workout program as you do into dieting. Read everything on this site especially charles,and Ians past colums. Make sure you learn to do the core lifts properly, ( Squat, Powerclean, Snatch, Deadlift). Good luck, and don’t overtrain,

Neil, you don’t consume enough fat.At your bodyweight you shouldn’t be concerned with such a low bodyfat%(although i’m assuming your naturally lean).Fat is necessary for testosterone synthesis and if your not getting enough your body sacrifices it for more vital processes.The amount of essential fats looks adequate but i would add extra virgin olive oil(it’s not heavily processed like that other shit),and incorparate red meat.Try to get in around 70-80 grams of fat a day and see if that helps.When it comes to lifting , avoid little movements and focus on compound exercises such as chins,deads,squats,high pulls(cleans without racking the bar on your shoulders)and various types of bench.Hope that helps ya.

Thanks a lot guys, I actually eat red meat from time to time, but I’ll definitely increase the amount. For fats, I sometimes drink a whole tablespoon of olive oil when I feel I haven’t consumed enough. I started squats and deads a week ago and definitely starting to feel a difference in the intensity. As for the ZMA, I often look forward to go to sleep knowimg that I’ll have another of those weird dreams… Still I wonder whether Methoxy-7 would do anything for me; I should be receiving my bottle tomorrow.


Do you know how many total calories that is? I would strongly suggest counting, keeping in mind that the bottom line is that you have to take in more calories than you’re burning off in order to put on mass – especially someone with your (obviously ectomorphic) metabolism/frame. It doesn’t matter WHAT you eat if there ain’t enough of it. All in all, though, it looks like you’re consuming the right stuff. Best of luck.

I agree with the first guy about calories. Just make sure you get more calories in then you burn off. The easiest way to do this is to increase your carbs at every meal!! You are super lean so dont worry about keeping lean. Who cares if you JUMP to 9 or 10 % BF. To bulk up you have to forget about your lean ego and eat like a horse. Keep your protein as is but increase your carbs!! You will start exploding.