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My diet

I`ll follow this diet for the next six-seven weeks. Would be grateful for inputs.

07.00 - 50 gram of grain-cereal, 50g protein powder (casein/whey-mix).

08 - Workout. I am gonna give this OVT ashot, looks exciting.

PWD - 50 g dextrose and 50 g whey.

12.00 Salad and 30 g protein (wc-mix or lean meat)

14.30 30 gram protein and 15 gram fat (omega369)

17.30 - 100 g fatty fish, 10-20 gram protein

20.30 - 30 g protein, 15 gram fat.

23.30 - 30 g protein (casein)

This sums up to about 1900 kcal, and might be to litte. If I start losing LBM I`ll adjust up the energy intake.

Supplements are limited to a multi-vitamin, folic acid and some ephedra-stack (Im a relatively poor student).

Do you think my fat intake is high enough?

Are you cutting with this diet? I would hope so with the amount of calories. I can’t tell from your post how many fat grams you are consuming. If you post that than I might be able to help you out a little more.

Also, what is your weight and bodyfat%?

77-79 kg, about 10% BF.
And yes, this is definitely a cutting-diet! =)


A few questions first. I still can’t figure out how many fat grams you are eating from your post. Also what is your maintenance intake? You are around my same weight and the cals are low to be starting out even for me and I have a slow metabolism. I would add in some fat with your last meal. Maybe some fish pills of flax oil. This will slow down the catabolism related with the overnight fast.

Im taking in about 45 grams of fat per day on the outlined diet (the fish is about 15 percent fat). Ive found my maintainance to be at about 2500, so it is 600 kcals short. I agree that might be a bit high, so I`m following your advice and including some fat in my meal before bed-time.