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My Diet!


meal 1
cereals muesli, 250ml milk 2 eggs boiled,a tablespoon honey
meal 2
A toast with 3 pieces of turkey fillet

meal 3
legumes,pasta,chicken, rice (100g)
1 liter milk or 150gr chicken breasts or salmon
45 minutes before workout
a banana, a tablespoon honey
meal 4
a tablespoon glucose, one tonne of
meal 5
3 white and one yolk, a boiled potato or a salad
meal 6
A YOGURT 2%, a handful of almonds or peanuts

I'm 15 years old height 1.74 weight 182,19 pounds.

Is my diet ok?


Assuming you're being serious. It's hard to rate your diet without knowing your goals. However, you seem to be under eating. Not much protein from the looks of it.


I want to increase my muscle mass.what do you suggest to change?


Add some beef here or there to. forget all that tablespoon of this or that you're not dieting or measuring stuff to lose weight. You're trying to GAIN. You should take your lean mass and eat 1.5 to 2 X that in protein everyday. Double stack hamburgers once in a while won't hurt you either just hold the mayo.

Eat plenty of carbs up until the evening and then cut them off unless you workout at night. Do a little cardio in morning to increase hunger to eat more and keep body fat at bay some. I walk around work all freakin day so that's my cardio lol..

Your diet looks like a plan for a girl who's dieting.

take in a good amount of protein and carbs for the morning. I usually don't feel right unless I eat atleast 50 grams of protein +80-120 carbs just for breakfast from pancakes, oats and whatever I have available.


Dude, you're 15 years old! Relax!

Get up in the morning, have some eggs, cereal and/or whole-wheat bread and a fruit.

Have a sensible lunch: perhaps a sandwich with whole-wheat bread and a fruit or whatever healthy choices they have at school.

Eat what your mom makes you for dinner.

Have two or three snacks throughout your day and perhaps before bed. Choose from hardboiled eggs, vegetable sticks with hummus spread, protein powder, yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, and fresh and dried fruits.

Have a post workout drink.

That's it!

AGAIN: you're 15 years old!


I think any HEALTHY, lean, highly active 15 year old should only be concerned with proper food choices and what a good meal consists of. I don't think they should be concerned with COUNTING shit, unless he REALLY wants to use his time and intellectual energy with that sort of stuff.

I say:

do great in school.
lift 2 to 3 times per week on a full-body program and play sports
eat healthy
get a girlfriend
have fun


thanks for your advice Bricknyce.just one more question.is it bad for me to take whey protein for post workout?


No, it's what's recommended for post-workout. Have it with some pineapple, orange, or grape juice or Gatorade drink or powder.