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my diet

Hey Guys,
i always hear how people plan their meal times, calories, etc.
the way my lifestyle works, with me going to different places every day, every week, it is hard to keep a consistant meal plan.Anyway, my question is; is it important for a guy like me who is pretty darn thin and not at all woried about gaining a little fat, to worry about how many calories i consume or is it alright if i just concentrate on getting enough protien?
Any advice would be appreciated.thanks

If you want to stay “pretty darn thing” and I imagine that also means pretty darn small, you don’t have to worry about how many calories you take in. If you are thin and travel a lot, I’m inclined to believe that you don’t eat enough. Keeping a food log until you are very comfortable with an eating system is a must. Protein by itself is not going to build muscles.

thanks for the answer.
But would you be able to give me the basics of what i should be doing…controlling calories, eating 6 meals ,etc.
i’d really appreciate it.

You are going to have to do your homework, so here goes. Read the Diet Manifesto, Massive Eating part 1 and 2 and everything else by John Berardi. Read the FAQ and the Supplement Roundup. Also read the Missing Ingredient (about food logs). All of these articles are on this site.

To get you started though, it sounds like Massive Eating could be a very good plan for you, so read these two articles. I could summarize because I have been using this system for 4 months now, but feel that your own reading of these articles will be of most benefit. If you find Massive Eating intriguing, move on and read Berardi's Appetite for Construction articles that he has written post Massive Eating. Just work your way through the previous issues.