My Diet/Training Problem

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Interval training is a pretty solid choice in general, which includes the Tabata methods. Try Tabata front squats some time.

I’ve done Tabata squats with 95 pounds once… never again. I had trouble walking down stairs the entire day after doing that.

Dude, Mondays are my leg days, and by Wednesday I can barely get out of or into a chair. This morning I had to soak in the tub to feel loose enough to stand for a shower. It’s a price that’s paid by lots of people every week.

If you want to build muscle, then you’re going to suffer. Guaranteed.

Right now I feel that your issues are all upstairs and you need some re-programming. Once you read the beginner stuff and really identify what your goals are it’s going to fall in place. I’m impressed by your willingness to learn so far though.

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TarHeelBlue85 wrote:
Stupid pricks like “Itchy”, if you have nothing to contribute to the thread, then GTFO.

If you’re that sensitive, this is the wrong forum for you.

Itchy’s comment was pretty mild, and valid.[/quote]

I’m far from stupid, but I am a prick. Did you do your homework OP?

question…im wondering if taking extra Leucine (like the powdered stuff they sell here) is going to have a negative effect on the anabolic diet…im tryin to drop bodyfat and maintain muscle ofcourse