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My Diet To Gain Strength

hey guys just started the wssb II program and made a diet. how does it look? is it enough to gain strength?

Meal 1:

-4 full and one egg white omelette
-1 apple
-peanut butter sandwich
-1 cup orange juice



Meal 2:

-protein shake
-2 bagel with cream cheese
-fruit and veggies
-1 yogurt

Meal 3:

-brown rice
-chicken sandwich

Meal 4:

before workout

-lotss of fruit

Meal 5:


Meal 6:

-brown rice

Meal 7:

-protein shake with glutamine

looks good man. I’d suggest throwing in some BCAA pills inbetween meals once or twice a day. I order mine off of here and really noticed the effect of the extra aminos within this past month. I recover faster and feel a much fuller pump throughout the day.