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My Diet, Since Everybody's Doing It


since everybody else is posting thier diet habits for review, i figured hey why not? here goes.

6:30 wake up for work

7:00 1 small bowl "protein cereal"

8:30 1 cup plain yogurt, with cucumber, two pieces of pita bread.

9:00 max gourmet protein shake

12:00 lunch, tuna, or chicken or other white fish, plain sweet potato (baked), pita bread.

supplement with multi vit., nox, kre alkalyn,methyl masterdol, phera phlex anabolic extreme.
1:30-3:45 gym

4:00 max pro protein shake

6:00 snack

8:00 dinner chicken,fish,or super lean beef, rice, steamed veg, small fruit.

10:00 sleep.

that is what 4 of 5 days a week look like. as for the weekends, i usually eat out, as healthy as possible(no sauce, wheat bun, etc.) i work out one day off one day on, for now. i just came off a month d/l, heavy low row fucked my back off. it's been two weeks since i've been back. i want to step it back up to every day a different muscle group, but it's taking a while to recover so i'll wait.

so far it's(my diet) worked out for me, i was 245lbs of fat jello, i went down to 220 of less fat not strong guy, back to 250. i have lost allot of fat, my waist was 40-42, one year ago. now it's 36-38(with a belt).coming back off my injury has filled me with a new charge. it's like i can feel improvement every week. i think the rest did me good, and made me appreciate proper form and the need for rest. that was longer than i had planned, thanks for the time.any info wouold be greatly appreciated..


Where are all the Biotest goodies?


does the protein cereal by any chance contain soy protein?