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My Diet Plan


I recently got off the V-Diet with amazing results. I'm continuing to cut body fat, while making good gains in the weight room.

200 lbs
10-15% bf

Meal 1: P + C
2 whole eggs
�?�½ cup egg white
�?�½ Cup oats

Meal 2: P + F
Handful of Almonds

Meal 3: P + C
hot sauce
wheat crackers

Meal 4: P + C
Chicken breast
vinaigrette dressing

Meal 5: P + F
Hamburger Steak

Meal 6: P + F
Cottage Cheese
Flax seed
Small amount of jam

-1 Fish oil

-2 scoops SURGE Recovery
-1 scoop creatine
-1 fish oil

Fish oil
SURGE Recovery
Rhodiola Rosea
NOX- CG3 (I got it really cheap so that's the only reason I have it)

Total Calories: 2060, 2390 on workout days
Total Fat: 90g, 94.5g on workout days
Total carbs: 97g, 141g on workout days
Total Protein: 216g, 241g on workout days


Squats and pull ups are my weakest points so I am going to focus on those exercises.

6x3 Squats
3x10 pull ups
6x3 Rows
3x10 Lat Pulldown
4x8 Shrugs

4x6 Bicep Curls
6x3 DB Bench press
3x8 DB Flyes
3x8 Wrist Curls

3x10 Leg press
5x5 Cable pulldowns
6x3 Deadlift
5x5 Calf Press


5x5 Squats
3x10 Chin ups
6x3 Dips
3x8 Tricep Pulldowns
5x5 Overhead DB press
2x6 Side Raises
2x6 Back raises

Sat+Sun off

Any critiques or advice is welcomed.


1). Why are you splitting the macros like that?
2). Almonds by themselves haven't exactly got heaps of protein in them; chicken breast + salad is kind of lacking in carbs
3). Why fishoil preworkout/postworkout?
4). Why are wheat crackers in a P+F meal?
5). Why whole eggs in a P+C meal?

Long story short, I'm pretty confused.


1) I didn't know what ratios I should use for my macros
3) Why not?
4/5) I switched some stuff around and forgot to change the label on them


I meant P+C, P+F - why?
Fishoil, because I imagine some nasty fishoil burps will be happening, but also because 2g of fishoil is going to do precisely nothing. But regardless, if what you are doing is giving you good results, stick with it! Just because some random guy on the internet questions what you're doing doesn't mean you should change it all.

I'd stick with what you were doing now IF you're getting results. If not, work out what results you're hoping for, and then we can help address how to modify the plan to get you where you want to go. Good luck.


I was just going to see how P+F, P+C would work. I just started this so I havent seen any results yet. Compared to other diet plans I have had, this one seems pretty solid to me