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My Diet Plan - Will Phytic Acid Affect Me?

Before talking about my Diet, here some information about me:

I am 29 years old, and just started weight lifting. I am 5’8 (173cm) tall and 141 lb pounds (64kg) heavy.
I have a history of digestion issues including anal thrombosis and anal fissure, which means that i have to consume a lot of fiber to get along without any injuries.

Of course I would like to add as much muscle mass as possible and therefore i need to consume enough animal protein and carbs. What makes me worry about my diet is a thing that i have learned only recently about: phytic acid. It is said that phytic acid will bind many valuable nutrients, basically making them unavailable for the body.
It is mainly found in whole grains and legumes, which i worry about because those make up a big part of my diet (actually they make up 100% of my carb intake).

Here is my Nutrition Plan to beginn with:

Meal 01:
100g of Oats
2 whole eggs

682 kcal
39g Protein
58g Carbs
29g Fat
10g Fiber

Meal 02:
100g of Oats
200g of Cottage Cheese

580 kcal
38g Protein
63g Carbs
13g Fat
10g Fiber

Postworkout Shake, Whey

111 kcal
23g Protein

Meal 03:
100g of Lentils
200g Steak (Red

564 kcal
63g Protein
51g Carbs
9g Fat
15g Fiber

Meal 04:
100g of Lentils
100g of Salmon

531 kcal
42g Protein
50g Carbs
15g Fat
15g Fiber

Meal 05:
200g of low fat quark
2 slices of whole grain bread

378 kcal
32g Protein
48g Carbs
4g Fat
11g Fiber


2846 kcal
237g Protein
270g Carbs
70g Fat
61g Fiber

*some almonds/peanuts and dried fruit in between
*supllements: Multi-Vitamin and Fish Oil (both 3 times a day)
*i don’t drink anything else but water

My problem is not about calories and macros. I want to maintain a healthy rectum while meating my nutritional goals and staying healthy. Can phytic acid prevent me from staying healthy in the sense of taking away valuable minerals?

What type of changes would you suggest?
Keep in mind that it is nearly impossible for me to consume white rice, since this will cause further damage to my rectum. Also I do not see how one can eat so much (sweet)potatoes or rice to fill up your daily caloric requirements (you would have to eat tons of it).

Thanks in advance.

google “precision nutrition phytates and phytic acid” and you may be pleasantly surprised

Very calming. I will pre-treat and cook everything accordingly to lower the phytic acid levels in the food. I will also increase my mineral and vitamin intake in general, just to make sure…

Any other (general) thoughts on my diet?

Thanks for helping.

Soak the lentils overnight. Also put 1-2 spoonful of yogurt or vinegar in there.

You can easily swap 2 slices of bread with sweet potatoes, which would be much better.

The main thing is you don’t eat any veg, what will the phytic acid bind to?