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My Diet, Need Some Opinions

ok so at the moment i weigh 80kg, im 18, so i figure i have a pretty fast metabolim, ive been following this eating plan for 2 weeks and have put on 2kg.
brekky- toasted egg sandwedge + bowl cereal banana and milk
snack- apple, yoghurt, protein shake
lunch- 200g meat, usually chicken, veggies plus either 1/2 cup cous cous (dry), 125g rice, or 100g sweet potato
pre workout- milk, banana, blueberrys, protein, apple and peanut butter
post- 4 weetbix,honey, milk, same shake as before, jam on toast
dinner- same as lunch
before bed- 1 can tuna, plus couple spoons of cottage cheese

i usually binge on grapes all day as well, but i was just wondering if this looks fine to everyone, or is it a bit unhealthy, or too much?? i actually find that im still hungry even when i eat this much food, but i am putting on weight so i know i cant really eat more, any advice would be great