My Diet Log

Today is the first day of my diet and i think it will help me not cheat if i get some support from some other people.

Breakfast Calories From-Fat Protein Carbohydrate’s

2 Eggs Scrambled 365 242 24 5
Oatmeal 180 35 4 33

After Workout/Lunch

Muscle Milk 240 70 20 44
2 String Cheese 160 100 14 2

Boneless/skinless chicken
540 120 88 22

Totals ------------------------------------------
1485 567 150 106

That is today and i am drinking tons of water any advice will help i want to lower my fat some it seems high i think i will switch from regular eggs to liquid eggs it seems to have more protein and less calories so. but please if someone could help out it would be great thanks

hey good to see you tracking it on here. First of all what are your exact goals? Maybe track your starting weight on here and weigh yourself every saturday right when you wake up. Also, pretty sure you need to eat at least 5 times a day. Take smaller portions (even though the ones you have now are small) and divide it out, eating every 2-3 hours. Cutting calories that fast is just gonna make you lose a lot of overall weight (muscle included). Knowing your body type already, I think you should up the calories (more like 3000 to start) but limit carbs and up protein. I think you should do something like this …