My Diet Just Crashed, Burned

So I cook for a catering party of 24 people at my house on Sunday - 6 course Italian meal, plus dessert - unfortunately, only 19 showed up. So I have a full hotel pan of veal lasagna, fettuchini ai fuinghi with roasted lamb, two full anti-pasta platters, a whole tiramasu, etc. etc.

I can’t throw it away. I can’t resist it. The Fates are cruel.

Find a homeless shelter in your area and give it away. Save your diet! Feed the Bums.

Don’t throw it away. Give them to your family members/relatives who don’t care about their physique.

It calls my name from the fridge, like a fatty siren or something.

my roomates, hopefully, will get off their skinny asses and eat it.

but really, ricotta, parm, mozz cheeses, veal pork and beef, olive oil, butter, fresh egg noodles - these things aren’t bad for you, right?

If I were Ike, Patricia, Ko, or Merrow, I’d already be on my way to your house, fork in hand and bib well-fastened.

So send it my way.

Or loosen up a bit and enjoy life. Just ask yourself if it’ll matter in five years that you ate up a carb storm for a couple days.

haha, i wouldn’t want to spread my disease - probably doesn’t help to mention that i have 1/2 keg of full sail amber left from the event as well.

Ha, Rumbach, tiramisu, lamb and a 1/2 keg of some good beer.

No problem. And after the beer is finished we’ll toss that keg around a bit for some strongman fun.

You know, to work off all that food ;-)))

Speaking of which, Patricia - is your strongmen training open to visitors on Fridays? I have the next 3 off (switched up schedule at work), and it sounds fun (albeit a bit scary)

Hey, Rumbach:

By all means, stop on by. We do get people who just hang around to observe.

Fridays, 6-8:30PM at Jungle Gym off Foster Rd. Just let Noel (owner, usually at the front desk), know why you’re there.

Vacuum wrap and freeze it.


Zev: You crazy sum’bitch, that’s a brilliant idea! Oh, wait… dieting. Ack!

Patricia: Why the hell haven’t I stopped by, yet? smacks self

**** This just In ****

In a strange twist of fate half the west coast dog pounders in the Biotest Hot Rox Challenge simultaneous blew their diets. Sources close to the group heard that all though they had a hell of a good feast, they have seen the competition and are still not worried.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program The Osmond Brothers staring the Jackson five…

Patricia - sounds good, I plan on being there this friday unless something at work comes up.

My roomates have promised to eat lasagna 3x per day until it is finished, so I’m mostly in the clear. Except for that piece I had last night. I do have this theory - if I gain enough fat, I will have folds like a six pack, and with proper lighting/angle, I might win the hot-rox contest for miss congeniality or something. nevermind.

Rum: suggestion bring to the gym I am Paritica/ko and the rest of the strongmen and women would polish it off after their work-out:0 )