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My Diet In All Its Glory - Criticism Needed

I’ve never been one to want to get “shredded,” I actually prefer a smoother 10-12% look. However, CT’s pics were motivation, and I got tired of seeing my friends try ridiculous things to get cut, so I decided to put some T-mag research to work and show them how it’s done. My diet can be found here:


This site is pretty cool, it’s basically an online food log. You can see every single thing I’ve eaten since I started logging 8 days ago. You can also see exactly what I’ve done on my workouts under my “journal entry”. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Separated meals into P+C and P+F. Currently I eat P+C first meal of the day (a Myoplex MRP) and I have 35g of sugar from a Gatorade post-workout with 25g Whey powder.
Cut calories to ~2150-2400/day
Started Interval Training 3x/week

In 8 days I’m already looking noticeably different (people have been commenting) and I’ve dropped from ~12% to ~9.8% on my scale (inaccurate but using as a relative measure). Vascularity seems to be increasing also. I feel great, more concentration, don’t feel sluggish during the day anymore, and I haven’t really felt the low-carbs affecting my workouts. In fact I’m getting stronger. I really want to take this to the next level (6-7%bf), so some HARSH criticism of my diet would be great.

Some concerns:
Gatorade post-workout is obviously not optimum, or is it ok? Should I spring from some powdered malto, or is it not too big of a difference at this point?

Should I spring for some Hot-Rox at this point? Methoxy maybe?

Should I look into r-ala?

My Saturated Fats seem pretty high (sometimes ~20gms/day).

I would especially love to hear from Timbo, TT, all the experts…getting from 9% to 6% is going to be the hard part, so I need all the advice I can get. Thanks guys.

  1. Gatorade blows.

  2. Hot-Rox is an option if you can get your diet more in line. I’ve seen days at 2400, 1900 and 2200 calories.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about your Saturated fat, but that’s just me, and I don’t worry about such things. :wink:

I think you need to be a little more consistent with your diet before using Hot-rox or any thermogenic. Personally I think they’re best used to burn those last few pounds rather than for the purpose of melting everything. That’s just my opinion.

But your calories are too inconsistent. Do you plan your meals out the day before or do you figure it out as the day goes by? I find it better to sit down the night before and plan out everything your gonna eat the next day. That way there’s no question about what sources and how many calories I’m getting and I’m not pumping in 600 calories in my last meal (like I’ve noticed on one of your days) just to reach my target.

  1. Ok Gatorade does suck…I believe the consensus is one-half glucose/one-half malto PW…Did a search online and found a bunch of sources, any particular souce people swear by?

  2. Yeah, during the first few days my total cals have ranged between 1900 and 2400. I’ve been playing around with carbs to see how low I can go. Funny thing is on the second day I got 99grams and felt carb deficient during my workout, so I upped my daily carbs to ~130gms, but the last few days I’ve been going <100gms and I feel great. Did I just need to get used to it?

Also on that site the numbers are just an approximation, so somedays it’ll say I only got 1900 but I’m pretty sure it’s closer to 2100.

  1. Yeah I haven’t been worrying about Sat Fats too much. I need to look into some Flax Seed Oil…I’ve been getting must of my “good” fats from olive oil. I’m really missing out on the good polys.

Try fish oils for the DHA/EPA. One product I’m particularly fond of is called Nutrasea. Lemon flavoured, it actually tastes good.

Ok so inconsistancy is the biggest complaint so far. I do usually plan out my diet for the next day in advance, but on Saturday, for instance, I ended up going out with friends for a movie and dinner…that’s why you see that 600 calorie spike. Won’t let that happen again for a while I hope.

Generally here’s how my diet will look once I’m really locked in:
1)P+C: MyoPlex MRP + 1 scoop Whey Powder (68gP, 23gC, 1gF)
2)P+F: ~8 ounces of lean chicken or beef (~ 70gP, 8gF)
3)P+F: Chicken Salad with Oil based dressing (~ 35gP, 33gF, <5gC)


4)Post-Workout (50gC, 25gP)
5)P+F: Lean Beef or Chicken (~ 35gP, 25gF)
6)P+F: Tuna or Chicken Salad (40gP, 20gF)

Totals: ~275gP, ~75gC, ~85gF = 2165 Calories…This amount of calories actually seems ridiculously low to me, but I haven’t noticed any loss of strength or muscle mass yet…i may need to increase this number if that happens.