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My Diet for Nov. 22


I'm gonna start with what my goals are. I'm 190 lbs, 5' 11" on a good day, and I would say I'm about 10-15% body fat (a lil chunky). I'm currently trying to get back to about 175 lbs and spare as much muscle mass as possible. I work out about 4-5 days per week doing your typical splits...Chest/Tri Mon., Back/Bis Tue., Legs Wed., Shoulders Fri or Sat. with ab work thrown in. And for cardio I either play basketball occasionally or at the gym I do 25 mins of inclined walking and about 5-10 mins of a light jog somewhere in between. Now that you know my situation, I want to know if you think this diet fits my goals...

All righty...critique away.

7 a.m. (Breakfast) 280 Cals/25g of protein
3 Scrambled Eggs, a piece of ham, and 2 Flameout.

11-ish a.m. (Snack 1) 110 cals
A Banana

1:30 p.m. (Lunch) 335 cals/50 grams of protein
2 decent sized chicken breasts w/ some mustard sauce

4:15 (Snack 2) 225 cals/15g protein
A pack of immitation crab sticks and 2 grams CLA

7:00 pm (Dinner)480 cals/30g protein
Another Chicken Breast w/ half a sweet potato, squash/Zuchini, and two more Flameout

10:00 pm (Snack 3) 100 cals
Probably an apple or non-fat yogurt and BCAA caps

Total Calories:1550

% of Cals from Protein:31%*

Now obviously, I don't plan to eat this few calories/carbs every day. Today was an off day from the gym. Normally I'd try to get more carbs and cals on days I workout out, especially in the peri/post window.

I'd also be lying if I said my will power allowed me to eat this few calories on all of my off days too...I'm really just looking for tips on what other wholesome, and nutritionally dense foods I should invest in as I'm sure I'm not the first one to try and cut weight in a relitavely small window of time on this site. (Ideally I'll hit my target weight around the beginning of next year) Also, if you feel like soemthing is missing or should be taken out of this diet, let me know.


1,550 calories?!!!


A pack of immitation crab sticks? Come on man lol

Maybe swap your non fat yogurt for some Greek yogurt and maybe eat some veggies before 7pm?

Kinda hard to critique your diet when you said that the meal plN you gave us isn't your typical daily diet ya know?


Not sure if you've worked this into your calculations or not, but imitation crab sticks are full of carbs even though they're supposed to be made from fish (pollock).


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What did the one polack say to the other? I don't know either cause i don't think that's a real joke


Why do all Polish last names end in Ski? Because they couldn't afford a toboggan!!!!

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So let me see if I have this right. You want to lose 15 lbs in 5-6 weeks at a bodyweight of 190 and a bodyfat of 10-15%. To do this You are going to do an archaic split 4 times a week with cardio and basketball mixed in all on a 1500-1800 cal. a day diet. FOOLISH.

You couldn't help but destroy muscle with this "program." Why is 175 important to you? Is this what you think it will take to get rid of your "chunkiness?" How about this.

Up your calories to at least 2000-2500 keeping your fat and protein at about 70-75% of your total cals. Keep your cardio short and intense. Get rid of that 1970's workout and go total body. Keep your workouts at 45 mins.and keep the pace hardy. Trust me, you won't need or want any more time with rest periods of a minute or less. Try super or even giant sets to increase the intensity and pace. Limit these workouts to 3 times a week. You could ingest a few extra carbs on workout day if you choose.

After 6 weeks, you may only lose 2-5 lbs. BUT, you'll have put on a lb or maybe even 2 of muscle if you workout intensly with a solid, thoughout plan. This would lower your fat percentage and you would look healthy and in shape instead of emaciated and actually fatter than when you started.

Just tryin' to help.


What do you call a polack in an f-16?

A simple Pol in a complex plane!


I'm very well aware. I looked at the ingredients and modified potato starch is like 2nd followed by food starch...so yeah, it was just convenient.


when did 10-15% bf become 'chunky'

or is this a new Emo trend the kids follow these days?

how about your cut deep and loose a few lbs of blood fatty.

but honestly, enough fucking around.

this is wicked silly. do some more reading around here and give it another try man.


Its just a guestimate...

I can only see my top two abs. Or is having abs an emo trend too?


Lets assume you're on the high side at 190 lbs 15% body fat (which you probably aren't if you can see the top 2 abs).

Lean Body Mass: 161.5 lbs
Baseline: 161 x 16 = 2584

On workout days 2250-2500 cals would be good, on rest days 2000 cals would be good.

Where did you come up with 1500 calories? You're going to look like an aids patient.


When I started working out two years ago I was 240 lbs. My lowest weight was 170lbs as recently as last April, but I considered my self skinny-fat because my weight loss came through drastic calorie cuts (1200-1500 cals even on work out days) and cardio (4 miles three to four times a week in 45-50 mins.). After I got to 170 I never went into a maitenance phase and all the cortisol got to me. I binged often and stored fat on my tummy. I'm currently 190 lbs., but only a small percentage of this gain was lean mass.

Based on what I know about my self, I feel my BMR is roughly 2000 calories per day. I can lose weight at a stable pace, but if I eat like shit for any length of time Its definately noticable. I could be wrong, but based on my experience losing weight and counting calories, I feel like my metabolism is average at best.

Obviously on days I workout I try to get more cals per day, with as even macro ratio as possible. As far as supplements go, to combat the loss of muscle, I take BCAA caps in the morning/before bed, sip on VPX Synthesize and a few extra grams of leucine mixed in during my workout, and I take Flameout/CLA.

I try to get as much of my protein through whole foods as possible, but when I'm in a pinch I grab a Monster Milk RTD (45g protein/320 cals).

I can't expect people to draw many conclusions from my one day diet alone...so here goes todays diet. (I worked out Back and did a lil bit of Biceps/Forearms)

Half a monster milk RTD, a banana, 2 CLA caps - 290 cal (22g Protein)

Snack 1
Metabolic Drive Bar - 240 cal (20g protein)

Chicken Breast and a frozen veggie pack and 2 Flameout - 245 cals (25g Protein)

Pre Workout
1 scoop Xtreme N.O. - 32 cals

Peri Workout
1 scoop NO Synthesize w/Leucine - 82 cals (20g Protein)
Other Half of Monster milk RTD - 160 cals (23g Protein)

Dinner Post Workout
A pork chop sauted in olive oil, half of a giant sweet potato w/margerine & Cinnamon sugar, and about half a cup of canned corn and 2 Flameout. 575 cals (20-30g? Protein)

Night time snack
Apple w/BCAA Caps - 100 cals

Total Cals: 1700 - 1800 give or take
% from Protein: 30% give or take

Remember folks, I'm CUTTING. I try to get plenty of veggies/Protein and I'm NOT absolutely KILLING it in the gym. I'm only throwing in cardio twice a week at most. I'm really emphasizing on eating whole foods, taking the right supplements, and letting my metabolism do the work, instead of trying to overwork my self with cardio. I'm gonna try this for a solid month, and obviously take it day by day depending on how I feel. I'm only three days in and I still feel fine. If I ever feel over trained or fatigued I'll change things up.


that joke was way too intellectual


I like the effort to add protein and fat to your meals, but imo you still aren't eating enough. What makes you think your BMR is 2000 kcal? Remember that your BMR is a rough measure of how many calories you'd burn if you sat in bed all day - you're burning more than 2000 kcal with your workouts added.


Like I said, I'm taking this day by day and if I start to feel cruddy I'll switch things up. (i.e. add more calories)

If I get the results I want faster than I'm expecting to then the less time I have to do this and I can hop back on my 2500 cal/day diet.

I could very well be wrong about my BMR but this is just about where I think it is based on my inclination to gain weight fairly easily. (Good weight and bad...)

I appreciate the help.


Yeah, I'm sure your BMR is 2000 calories. But as was mentioned, that's when you sit in bed all day. You can add anywhere from 500-1000 calories a day on top of that based on your typical activity level (work, fun, etc), not even including exercise.

I weigh 190 lbs at 12% body fat, and I maintain my weight around 3000-3250 calories. And that's on a rest day.