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My Diet for Getting Big n' All


Okay guys, here's the deal- 19 year old guy, 5ft 11 or so, 118lbs, next to no bodyfat. Looking to gain some good size, so have been eating this for the past week or two. Any suggestions as to how to make it better, or anything I should change??

8.00; Wake Up

8.30; Meal 1 (Breakfast/ Pre-Workout) - 6 egg whites with 2 yolks on 2 slices wholemeal toast, half a cup of oats with small chopped banana and apple, cup of black coffee (580 calories)

10.00 - 11.30; Train - 15 minutes cardio, lift for an hour, 15 minutes cardio (Drink carb drink (Gatorade- 120 calories) with tsp creatine and glutamine whilst lifting, 3 or 4 hydrolysed protein caps when done)

12.00; Meal 2 (Post-Workout) - 8 egg whites with 2 yolks, cup of oats with chopped apple, tub of natural yoghurt (580 calories)

3.00; Meal 3 - Tuna sandwich on 2 slices wholemeal bread with fat-free mayo, onion and lettuce, tub of natural yoghurt with mixed seeds, pear (450 calories)

6.00; Meal 4 - 2 medium sweet potatoes, grilled turkey breast with mustard, vegetable medley with salsa (broccoli, carrots, half a small avocado) (550 calories)

8.30; Meal 5 - Salmon sandwich on 2 slices wholemeal bread with low-fat cream cheese, cucumber and lettuce, bowl of vegetable soup (450 calories)

10.30; Meal 6 - Half a cup of oats with small chopped apple, 2 slices wholemeal toast with 6 egg whites (450 calories)

12.00; (Bedtime) - Tub low-fat cottage cheese with tbsp natural peanut butter, tub of natural yoghurt, pear (400 calories)

Heading in at over 3500 calories altogether, around 40-50% carbs / 30% protein (at least 220g altogether) / 20% fats.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks fellas


Looks good for now, because you're so damn skinny at 118#. WHen you stop gainign weight immediately add a protein shake, and eat ALL the yokes from ALL the eggs you eat during the day and switch to full fat mayo.

my $0.02


Use the whole egg instead of just the egg whites.

and why protein caps?


You're 118 lbs!!!! What the hell are you worried about dietary details for???? Have a fucking pizza or 10! Good grief son, I don't even think Christian Bale was that thin for "the Machinist". Fuck.

Ok, I feel better. Your diet is good. Really, it's fine. Macro breakdown and everything. If at 118 lbs you are not gaining weight on that, you have a family of tapeworms living in your intestines. Or you're on speed, heroin, coke, and every other upper known to mankind. AT THE SAME TIME.

EXCEPT your post workout nutrition. It's terrible. you take 3-4 whey capsules after you've trained for an hour. That's 3-4 grams. Thats retarded. You need to take about 20-25 grams of protein in along with your simple carbs. Usual breakdown is 1 g protein : 2 gram carbs but it varies somewhat.


I would echo what Aragorn is saying here.

The way you're eating right now looks like someone preparing for a contest.

Bulking diets are typically loaded with red meat, milk, cheese, pasta, etc...

Eating as "healthy" as you can isn't a bad thing, but you shouldn't be eating so "healthy" that you struggle to get in enough calories to gain weight at a regular pace.

Especially when you only weigh 118lbs.... you don't need to be worrying about macronutrient breakdowns or any of that crap for a long time. That's the type of thing you calculate if you're going on a very serious CUTTING diet.

My advice is to get your head out of these numbers and just focus on gaining weight and eating lots of protein (ideally 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight... this would be a good number to count!), and obviously gaining strength in the gym too.

A cheeseburger can only be good for you at this point!


I really don't know why all these people think they need to eat like bodybuilders.


Because they're building their bodies?

hopefully my sarcasm detector is off.


I think hardgnr means the OP has put so much effort into limiting bad fats and bad carbs, when buckets of fried chicken and baked beans would help accomplish his goals just as well.


I forgot the adjective. I meant pro bodybuilders :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL- This kid posted over at BB.com and there are kids telling him OH NOEZ GONNA GET FAT!!! usdhgohdsgoihaosidgh people need to stop being scared of eating and EAT BIG LIFT HEAVY.

OP- keep it up, if anything EAT MORE.


Yeah. Despite my rant above, my personal opinion is that if you can get the calories in eating healthy and clean--and there's NO WAY he cannot eat enough doing that at only 118 lbs--you should stick to it.

It's a matter of building good habits that help you later: there's not as much mental pain when you have to cut because you're not used to eating crap in the first place.

But yeah, I see where you're coming from hardgnr. And that's true. At some point there's usually a breakdown from pure clean eating in order to get all the calories in.

Either way he does it, it doesn't matter as long as he EATS MORE.

to the original poster--serious question, have you been diagnosed with an eating disorder? I ask because that is an extremely unhealthy weight to be at, and I don't know of anyone who's not "3rd world poor" who can be at that weight without a serious effort to get there.


Haha, that clarifies things a bit.


I was never actually ever 'diagnosed' with an eating disorder (my mum didn't allow me to go and see a doctor) but it was obvious that I had one. I'd go through the day trying to eat as little as I could so that I'd lose weight, and I waaaaay over-exercised. The weight sorta kept dropping off, and I also suffered a bunch of illnesses- during these I wouldn't eat and I'd still try to do some exercise... Then when I got over the illnesses (sometimes taking a couple of weeks) I wouldn't eat and would still exercise.

I just can't bare looking like I do now and really, at the moment at least, I'm not worried about fat gain- I NEED some fat on my body, for health reasons if nothing else, but so long as I can add muscle with that, I figure for the time being I'll be happy enough


At 118, you really shouldn't be removing egg yolks or eating low-fat anything.

You would benefit by bumping up your PWO carbs. Keep the eight whole eggs and add four slices WW toast covered in PB. Also, get your fat intake up. Eat beef for dinner. Drink a gallon of whole milk every day.


The biggest part of this whole thing is getting to the point where you can accept the way you look. Recovering from an eating disorder ain't no joke, as you already know, but often times the difficulties lie in how you perceive yourself as you gain weight back. You must learn to accept it, and yourself.

Eating cleaner will help with that, but you should not be too anal-retentive about the original diet you posted--if you break it, don't worry as long as there are calories in the alternative meal you decide to eat.

Also, you'll most likely have problems getting your stomach and digestive tract used to that much food. You may have to increase the food intake gradually in order to avoid undue GI stress in the very short term.

The most important thing is getting your calories UP, as you know already. But if you start to feel physically terrible, it might be because your body isn't used to eating that much food that often after being literally starved for so long.


Eat the whole egg your weight is scary.