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My Diet Crossroads

I’ve been doing the T-Dawg for a few months now, and I’ve been very happy with my progress. I estimate I’m within a couple percentage points of my bodyfat goal, and I don’t think I’ve lost any muscle. But now, it seems my progress has plateaued. I’m now faced with a fork in the road. I’ve read some places that at this point, it’s best to drop the calories even further. Other sources say to bump them up. Can anyone recommend one way or the other? My calories are between 1900-2200 daily, with carbs right around the suggested levels for the T-Dawg. I’ve been taking HOT-ROX, which has allowed me to drop the calories to this level without wasting away. I’m about 6’0" at 190 lbs, and I would guess about 12% BF. Thanks in advance.

What about tweaking the workout? 2000 cals for a 190lb person working out is pretty low.

I would also consider cycling higher carb days and higher calorie days as a change.