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my diet change

I just thought I would share my diet change with everyone since most people on T-nation realize its the most important part of traning while it seems others are doubting thier own ability to eat right. this post is for those others. I havent been training very long, this time last year I was in Ft. benning georgia for army basic training(discharged 2 1/2 months into it for medical) when i came home I was about 130lbs, 5’8" at this point I went back to my personal chefs back at pizza hut, burger king and the other look like shit naked places. in about 5-6 months I was at about 168, as u can guess there wernet any muscle gains,(take my word for it, its a horrible program) so then my supervisor at work starting talking to me about going to the gym with him, he was once a personal trainer but his traning partner moved away and he got married so hadnt seen the gym himself in quite some time…he was on the same diet I was at pizza hut. So he got me to go to the gym with him and it was great to be active again but I was under the stupid mindset that I was still going to eat like shit and just work out…then he sent me an old T-mag article (its your diet stupid) and I decided that if I was going to spend 4 days a week in the gym I sure as hell wasnt going to ruin it by supporting Papa johns family, So I starting watching all my meals and making sure they were P+f or p+c and eating small meals every 3 hours or so(not the most complex thing in the world but its been working great for me)…most of my family thought this would last a week, Like I said it wasnt that long ago but its been a few months now and with all the info from T-mag my diet only gets better as the weeks go by, anyway all Im trying to get at is that ANYONE can change thier eating habits if they really want to and there is no excuse not to, I know most of you realize this so like I said this post is really for those people like myself not to long ago who doubt themselves and think its to much of a change…sorry it took so many words to say that

I am the friend/supervisor mentioned in the previous post. I just want to add to what he said by mentioning that since he’s embarked on this program he’s drastically reduced his bodyfat while gaining a few pounds of muscle and greatly improving his strength. I won’t list his stats, but let’s just say that he’s increased his bench by 40lbs and his squats by 105lbs in the few months we’ve been training together. I personally have trained for several years, but managed to fall off the fitness wagon. I found that it really doesn’t take long to become a fat ass once you stop exercising consistently but still eat everything in sight. Since we’ve begun training however, I’ve managed to lose around 20lbs of fat while regaining about 5lbs of muscle. I love the newbie and born-again newbie gains. I still haven’t regained all the strength that I lost but its coming back quickly. If you can take anything away from this it is this: Fitness has to be a lifestyle. You have to make committments and follow through with them. Don’t mess up like I did and lose a year of your life to bad habits. But if you do, don’t dwell on it and think you can’t get back into the swing of things. Pick your fat ass up and get back in the gym. Also, having a motivated training partner is very important. Thanks Dave for getting me going again and I’m really proud of your committment and success thus far. Let’s do T-Nation proud!

One more thing I forgot to ad that i think most people will agree with me on is not only do all those fast food cravings go away pretty damn fast but after a short few weeks it actually bother you to see other people eating the big mac, I just look at them and think, why the hell would they do that…

I don’t crave fast food… merely fast women.

Good stuff! More power to ya!

Dave and Jim,

I commend the new commitment. Keep it up. By taking the time to post this you will not only help others with motivation to change but it will also give you incentive to keep @ it.

Keep us informed on the gains/goals you reach. It will be interesting to hear about the time it takes for you to regain lost strenght and physique.


Great job guys, another great side effect is when you do crave that large pizza and you give in and start eating it you’ll get so sick that you lose that craving for about 6 months!!

The worst for me is when I give in to my kids and watch them eat BigMacs, I only give in about once every couple months but it still makes me sick to watch them eat that junk!! I usually talk them into Chick-Filet or something a little better!

Keep up the good work!!

Let us know how you progress. You’ve inspired me to stick to my guns and keep my diet clean. :slight_smile:

Dave and Jim,
Great posts!! This is the kind of stuff that inspires all of us average lifters on the board. Sure I enjoy reading how to increase your squat from 600 to 605, but it’s nice to know others are also in the same boat when it comes to working out, watching your diet and being the best you can.

Good luck in your training and be sure to keep us posted on your results!