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My Diet and Workout Isn't Working

@samul I was in time out for responding my max times yesterday. Here is a pic of the example video she posted. It’s suppose to work the chest more?!

Could give it another couple weeks I guess but from what I can see she’s given you a 4 way bro-split which is not ideal for your goals of fatloss/overall body composition.

Absolutely dont need to train 6 times a week and 6 cardio sessions and heavy calorie restriction straight out the gate.

Try a fatloss template off this site, this below works very well. Fine to slip in a rest day here and there also, especially if just had a baby! The author has trained pro fitness models and can ask him questions in his subforum…


I don’t think this is a bad plan, but why change anything? She’s progressing, she’s had success with this coach before and is bought in, and she’s had three weeks of nailing the diet. She already is “in her head” a little, so to speak; I don’t think there’s any value in introducing/ changing a variable until she’s stuck.


Just going on what she said -had seen no improvement in measurements. I also personally think its a bit much if working, kids and new baby

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@RampantBadger i very worn out! By the end of the night crawling into bed is what i look forward too, but i also have to do it for myself. Its depressing LOL.

BTW i forgot to post i am Started at 162 and im still at 157, on see inches this check in not anything moved on my weight. SOme are right, im probably jumping the gun and need to slow down and be patient