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My Diet and Workout Isn't Working

So i just had a baby August 2018. During the pregnancy i actually lost weight and ate very healthy. Only craved fruits and vegetables. After having the baby i went home looking like I “what you just had a baby?” I breast fed for 10 weeks. At about 6 weeks into breastfeeding i gained 25 lbs.

I had reached out to a personal fitness trainer in my area, we shifted diets, i work out and do cardio and i am barely seeing results. I am Carb sensitive and we have proven that. I am becoming very DE-Motivated because the chunk wont go anywhere. This is very frustrating.

So i am asking if anyone has any ideas or ways to help me with this weight loss situation.

My workout are every night, cardio after each workout. 30 to 45 min on the treadmill. Each day i work different parts out, Back, Legs, Booty, abs etc. In a 3 week progress i am only down 5 pounds but no inches

at what times are you working out ? when are you sleeping ? for how many times ?

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It is working.


This is what I’m working with at home

I typically get home and started on my plan at 6 to 7. After my dinner kids etc… I get to bed 10:30 / 11. I get up at 530 for cardio (if I can get it in the a.m.) if not 6. I work a desk job.

I’ll attach my plan

I have done her program before but it was wayyyyyyy different. I also had wayyyyyy different results. I know your body changes but i feel like this plan is going to have me walking around with a “man-ish” size back. Which i deff dont want. Ekkkkk. Is that what u mean by high volume???

Yes you caught that correct. I’m only on week 3.

Congrats on the baby! Are you sleeping yet?

First, I love high volume (apparently I’m weird). You’re not going to turn into a dude - don’t worry; muscle looks great and you simply don’t have the hormonal profile to not look like a woman because you lifted some weights.

Second, you are making progress - I promise. I know it’s frustrating when it’s slow, but it is coming and you can’t (appropriately) rush it.

Third, what’s your diet look like now? I know you backed off of carbs, but what are you eating? I can see you’re organized, so that’s good news.

Fourth, don’t keep adding without good reason. Eventually you’ll get to an activity level that’s unsustainable and then you have no choice but to regress.


That makes sense actually. So stay at a compfortable weight?!

Breakfast I eat oats, 2 hours later I eat 2 boiled eggs. Then lunch. Normally tuna or chicken with a cup of vegetables. 3 days a week with lunch I eat 1/2 cup jasmine rice. When I get home I do a rice cake and banana with 1 tbsp peanut butter. Then workout. After workout I do my protien . At dinner I do a white fish and again 1 cup of vegetables. (Veggies are always green I may add)

This diet is 7 days a week. 3 weeks deep so far :slight_smile:

P.s. Thank you, it’s been a joy to have a little one. I’m getting up prob 2 times a night. 2:30 am and about 5ish. But only to make a bottle then I lay back down

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Congrats on the birth of your child!

If you are only three weeks into your training I would not be worried to much. For most men it’s difficult to understand… but during and after your pregnancy you have been through a hormonal turmoil. Even after giving birth your body has to get as much nutrients as it can to keep up with the breastfeeding.

And it’s normal to gain weight during your pregnancy. But you say you acually lost weight!? Perhaps the reason for the slow progression is that your body got no extra nutrition for you, and gave it all to your child. So maybe it’s backfiring on itself.

If your energy levels are good I would not change anything. Keep calm and carry on! :wink:

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For lifting? Stay at a weight you can do with good form, but try to progress with either weight, reps, or less rest time over time. It’s the relative progress that will make a difference, not the absolute numbers, if that makes sense. I just wouldn’t go crazy and add two hours of cardio or 90 sets of anything or something - you can’t do that forever.

In terms of food quality, I think you’re right on point, and quantity has you losing almost 2 lbs a week - which is on the high end of what’s realistic, especially since your weight had already somewhat stabilized, so I think you’re right on track. I admit I didn’t do the math to see where we land with calories, but yours ain’t broke so we don’t need to fix it. If we really stall and don’t lose anything for 2-3 weeks, let’s take another look.

For myself, I tend to have one night every week or two where I’ll trade my calories for something lower quality - so instead of chicken and rice it will be a burger (so not a 1:1 trade, but not a full-blown eat whatever I want). I also have a few drinks with my wife once a week or so. These are just for sanity! Don’t feel like you have to do that stuff until you want to, but don’t be afraid to have a “normal” evening when you want it either - I think people with stress (you know: parents with jobs!) have to find a medium; activity and diet you can live with, no earth-shattering cheats, but some grown-up relax time.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble, but I think you’re right on track. There’s plenty of folks much smarter than me to help when you do actually get stuck. I would suggest the training log forum as well. You don’t have to write everything you do (or you can), but it’s just a spot for you to write what’s going on and a lot of really experienced folks can either reassure you that you’re on the path, as you are right now, or help you with minor tweaks you might need in the future.


If that plan looks as familiar as I think, my wife has had success with it + intermittent fasting (she’s also a vegetarian). I think she’s down almost 10lbs since January.

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@TX_iron thats wonderful that she is down that :slight_smile: Im not fasting but she had me on a diet that puts my body in ketosis. I did her plan 2 years ago, this round is a bit different but i wont give up and see where i get with it.

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@TrainForPain thank you so much for getting back with me. I dont do anything more than 45 min for cardio but normally its 30 min. When i did her program 2 years ago i did a 10 week program and i felt a lot better about it and saw some awesome results.
I slowly build myself up in how much weight i can handle but dont over do it (i feel like anyway).

The workouts on this program are very different and that may have to do a lot with why i feel like its not working because i dont feel confident in my form?!

I did the calorie, fat, carb, and protien on the diet i am and she has me on a pretty high deficit. Like almost 40% i believe, maybe in the 30%'s but thats at home so i dont have the numbers with me.

I will look up the training log forum. Even just getting on here made me feel so much better about what i am doing, because when in my mind i may not see results and start second guessing what im doing its nice to know im on a good path.

Thanks for all the advice. This weekend ill weigh myself again and also re take my measurements and ill keep an update to see if im still doing ok.

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@arthur3_16, yes the first month the morning sickness caused me to lose 10 pounds, bringing my weight down from 145 to 135. At the end of my pregnancy i only gained 15 lbs, putting me at 150. After i had him i weighed 145. When i started 3 weeks ago i was at 162, I’m currently at 157.

I dont necessarily feel like i have the energy once i get home, but i still find the motivation to get down in the gym and then i have the energy and im pumped (without taking pre workout).

As i stated below I have done her program before, a 10 week program, and i saw some amazing results. It was a marathon not a sprint and i guess this time I was just hoping with the weight i gained i would lose it a little faster than i have. I will be retaking my weight at the end of the week but also my measurements. I need to remember its not always the numbers on the scale, as muscle weighs more than fat but maybe the inches i am losing and just not seeing because i see my self everyday. I will post an update pic and see if anyone sees a difference.

Thanks for your advice as well

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Exactly right! Every time I have to lose fat (which is pretty often…) I feel like nothing is happening, but it all adds up after a couple months. I remind myself that no matter what, the starting point is my worst point, so I can just manage the process. Then I literally just try not to think about the variable. The plan will work and you are definitely executing, so just keep on it.

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I’d agree with everyone here. Give it a bit of time.
For what it’s worth, being patient with your body after childbirth is definitely nothing to smirk at. Sometimes it may take longer than expected, and your hormones may or may not be kind of still sorting themselves out.

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