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My Diet and Workout, Advice Much Appreciated!

Hi guys, my first time posting here. I’m 20 years old, 5’9 170lb with a body fat around 12-14% (according to waste and neck ratio). I’ve been strength training with Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 and sticking to a pretty strict bulk diet, my future goals are to finally do a bodybuilding show. I’ve wanted to do one for quite some time now, I finally got that “desire” back.

Here’s my diet: (any suggestions or critiques would be greatly appreciated!)
Meals are between 2-3 hrs apart, I’m a college student so it varies.

Meal 1. 2 whole eggs + 3 egg whites
1/2 grapefruit, + 5 strawberries
1 cup of coffee, (no sweeteners)
(460 cal, 35g protein, 10g fat, 20 carbs)

Meal 2. 2 scoops whey,
1 oz Almonds
(440 cal, 12g carb, 49g protein, 20g fat)

Meal 3. 2 scoops whey,
1 cup dry oats (I mix them together for chocolate oatmeal deliciousness) (Pre-workout meal)
(560 cal, 60g carbs, 53g protein)

Post workout shake: 1 1/2 scoops Wazy Maize
1 scoop Whey
5g Creatine
(340 cal, 53g carbs, 25g Protein)

Meal 4. (Post workout meal)
2 cans tuna ( Or 8oz chicken)
1 cup brown rice
1 cup Broccoli or Green Beans
(450 cal, 56g protein, 9g fat, 36g carbs)

Meal 5. 8oz Steak or red meat
2 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
(650 Cal, 57g protein, 44g Fat)

Totals: 2890 Cal, 280g protein, 180g Carbs, 85g Fat.
It sucks consuming so much whey protein, but being on campus all day somewhat forces me to substitute it for whole foods. I will also drink a few cups of skim milk a day, so that would put my calories over 3000 easily.

Training 4x a week, off days I drop carbs down to 100 and boost fat to around 150g.

Cardio: 3x a week, on off days. low intensity treadmill walking 45 mins per session.

So, that’s my current diet. I have never done a bodybuilding show, but definitely would like to in the near future. One of my biggest concerns right now is that my left lat is literally half the size of my right, any suggestions on trying to even them out? Any input, advice, concerns, whatever would be greatly appreciated.

Forgot to mention my cheat meal, doing 1 per week. Always on a Friday after a leg workout, usually consists of a large pizza and lots of icecream.

Are you SURE that Meal 1 has 35 grams of protein?
You must buy some special eggs.

That’s a pretty bad diet, and that’s SO much PP shakes, I’m sure you can get a meal on campus. When I’m in school all day, I either pack myself some food or buy something from there.

And with the cardio, you should up your cals more.

[quote]Nikki9591 wrote:
Are you SURE that Meal 1 has 35 grams of protein?
You must buy some special eggs.

True. An egg has 6, maybe 7 grams of protein. An egg white has 3. Grapefruit might have a couple, strawberries another couple.

I didn’t think an egg white only had 3g, thought it was more around 5 or so. I’ll throw in a couple more egg whites to get some more protein.

When I’m at school, there really isn’t any whole food I can buy. It’s all fast food or subway shit, and I’d much rather prefer a shake over that stuff. I’ll try and make some chicken and start bringing it to replace meal 2’s 2 scoops of whey.

I understand whey protein doesn’t even compare to whole foods, but what’s an acceptable amount of whey to take daily?

Why are you so scared to use a whole egg?
You barely have carbs, you can’t barely have fats either.

5 whole eggs it is.

A few thoughts after reading that:
-An egg white has 3g of protein and 15 calas, while a whole egg typically has 6g prot and 60-70 cals.
-Food is usually preferable to supplements, BUT if it’s the only way you’re going to get your intake, then don’t sweat it, I do the same when I’m at work.
-Carbs could be a bit higher on training days, especially if you’re dropping them on off-days


The diet isn’t too bad, really. I mean, honestly, how many 20 year olds stick to such a diet, have only one cheat meal a week and put effort in calculating macros and calories. Imo, that’s a good base to start from.
Imo, calories might be a bit too low if you are really trying to gain weight and strength, and given your young age. Id go go 3400 for 4 weeks and reevaluate.

3400 calories on average that is. I personally like having lower and higher calorie days, and I structure those via carb cycling. You’ll find great posts and articles on this page. Since you try to gain weight, I would only go for one low carb day a week, which, in my case, would also be a low calorie day. It seems to help to bulk somwhat cleaner.

I would also suggest to focus on proper peri-workout nutrition. It’s key, especially for natural bodybuilders, which is what I believe you are.
Good way to start: read the peri-workout nutrition, training and nutrition threads in Thib’s forum.
Cheers, Para

By the way; personally I never go over 100g of fat a day. Just doesn’t work for me.

Hey guys, thanks so much for the replies. I just talked to my friend who I used to train with, he helped me with adjusting a few things in my diet. Here’s my new one:
Meal 1. 2 whole Eggs
8 Egg white
�?�¾ Cup Oats
3-5 Strawberries

Meal 2. 8oz Chicken
1 oz Almonds

Meal 3. 2 scoops Whey
1 Cup Oats

(Post Workout Shake)(1 1/2 scoops waxy Maize, 1 scoop whey, 5g creatine)

Meal 4. 2 cans Tuna OR 8oz chicken
1 tbsp Olive Oil

Meal 5. 8oz Steak or Red Meat
10g fat w/ OMEGA 3s
1+ Cup veggies (+ means as much as I want)

That is the diet I’m following on training days, so roughly 270g protein, 150g carbs, 50g fat. (Not counting Friday which is leg day/ cheat meal day for last meal. 1 large pizza, DQ blizzard, and some other goodies is way too many random macros to count =P). I will also occasionally drink 1-2 glasses of skim milk to add some more calories if I’m feeling starving.

ParagonA, on non-training days I’m dropping calories, and carbs as well.
consuming 270g protein, 50g carbs, 100g Fat. ( I take out the waxy maize and use 1/2 scoop of Oats w/ the whey).

I’m confused, are you cutting?

Nope, I’m not cutting at all. Trying to gain some mass and keep the body fat at bay. I guess you could call this diet, “A bit above maintenance”. If I was cutting, I definitely wouldn’t be doing the weekly cheat meal.