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My Diet and Training

17 151bs 5’8 problys 18% bf

Morning outmeal grape juice vitamine b12 vitamine e omega 3 6 9

2nd meal 2 eggs black pepper ketchup thats it

3rd meal chicken breast handfull of spinache omega 3 6 9 vitamine E vitamin B12 vitamin b6

4th (pre workout) chicken brown rice 1 scoop syntha-6 1 cup grape juice omega 3 6 9 b12 and vitamine E again haha

5th post workout Brown rice 2 scoops syntha-6 1.5 cups of grape juice and maybe some hot peppers i love them

Training Log

Day 1 Shoulders /abs
Day 2 Back Tricept
day 3 legs/abs
day 4 chest bicept
day 5 cardio /abs
day 6 and 7 breaks

hows this look if i need tweeks please post thank you

You haven’t really told us anything about what your training is like. You first meal has no protein. And frankly you probably need to eat more.

kk ill have to write more down and how much do i need to eat my RMR is 1600 calories a day

well eating more is kinda hard my mom doesnt really buy food for me to eat atleast good food

if i hate like quiznos like how bad is that for me

[quote]HowieFeltercooch wrote:
if i hate like quiznos like how bad is that for me[/quote]

Honestly? You’ll probably gain 87lbs of fat in the next two seconds. You’re screwed, dude.

You’re young! Talk to your parents/mom about getting you some food, or use some of your own money and buy some protein powder. But the key is that if you don’t control your intake you need to speak with the person that does–and convince them that you need the right kinds of food. Most parents would be freakin’ excited if their children wanted to eat healthier.

I think you’re on the right triack. Make sure it’s white grape juice, that stuff is muscle magic. Purple grape juice… not so much.

To mix up the training program, I’d suggest writing things on a dart board like “tricept” and “abs”. Then at the begining of the week throw darts labeled “day 1”, “day 5”, etc. to determine your routine.

Good luck!