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My Defy Medical Consultation Experience and Plan of Action


Interesting is one word to describe how things are going, got labs back and after only a week on .125 anastrozole, estrogen can back at 12.5 pg/ml, do to the severity of the symptoms I doubled the AI to .250 EOD (wrong direction) and strange that I don’t feel worse after this second week at the higher dosage. Going to run another E2 test tomorrow to confirm, joints are a little sore, reached behind to itch my back and shoulders popped and cracked, not terrible though.

Who’s to say the 12.5 score wasn’t rebounding? Going to do .125 twice weekly after about a week of stopping the AI.

Skin on hands looks a little wrinkly, hands severely pruned when showering.

Is an Endocrinologist a Waste of Time?

Maybe once you are crashed you feel the sides they don’t get worse if you push it from like 12.5 to 8. Sounds awful either way man. Not sure if a week will be enough to recover based on what I have heard here on this board.