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My Deadlift


hey guys please critique my deadlift form...hows it look?


Better way would be to vid some working sets. Then people could see what your tech is when the weights get heavy. It'll change! Sometimes for the better.

Based on that vid it looked sound enough.


The major flaw I see in your technique is that your shins are over the bar. You want them to be perpendicular to the floor. This is caused mainly by your hips being too low. Get your weight on your heels, stick your butt back more and raise your hips a bit. Watch vids of Bolton and others on YouTube and see how high their hips are at the start of the deadlift. Good Luck...


Intheburg04, depends, there are many ways of deadlifting, with the legs or with the back. kobe, you have a good arch in your back, I agree that the shins may be a bit too much over the bar.
Keep going. Nice work.


Unless your doing sumo or a SLDL or your don't want your shins perpendicular to the floor. Next thing people wll be saying you need perpendicular shins when squating!

The que's for hips placment are good advice.


Looks pretty good.

I'm sure you were just lifting slowly to show us your form, but make sure you lift it as fast as possible!


i put it real close to my shins becauase isnt the bar supposed to be real close to ur body?

and i lowered my hips so my shoulders wont go over the bar...i dunno


Try a weight 90% of your max, thats when you can see your negatives.

I'm sort of like you know, my shins go a bit over the bar, I have short arms, (or so I'm told whenever someone sees me bench), So i need to go lower in order to get a good grip on the bar and to keep my back arched.

My advice to you is to wear some long socks, or sweats. By the time you D/L 500 you're gonna be breaking trees with your shins.


IanK, when I say to him to get his shins perpendicular to the floor Iâ¿¿m using that as cue to get him in position. Obviously, his shins won't be perfectly perpendicular to the floor. The lower your ass is the more your shins will be over the bar which is wrong! If you think you should squat or deadlift with your knee going over your foot then you must not lift much.

Watch Westside videos and look at their shins. They squat with their legs spreading out, not going over the foot ( they actually look perpendicular to the floor donâ¿¿t they? Hmm). None of their shins are over the bar in conventional deadlift either. But then I guess these guys donâ¿¿t know what theyâ¿¿re doing. Right?

I defy you to show me one world class deadlifter with his shins that far over the bar or their ass that low...BTW, I deadlift well over three times bodyweight without drugs (650+). I also have taught many people to deadlift. Iâ¿¿m a CSCS and have worked with many very good powerlifters.

On Thursday one of my clients--who I have been working with for two months time--deadlifted 345 at 120 lbs. He started deadlifting only 100 lbs. I guess I donâ¿¿t know what the hell Iâ¿¿m talking about.


The shins are definately way too far over the bar.

An easy way to remedy that is to try to keep your shoulders behind the bar.

And raise your hips. Nobody deadlifts big weights by trying to squat it up.


Your butt should be higher. You're also linked pretty close on YouTube to the Douche Squat with the similar video's feature. I think this entirely unfair to you. I have no suggestions for that.


so get my hips higher but sticking my butt out more? this is going to cause me to bend at the waist more correct? and also my shins arent going to go that far over the bar because of this...?


Kobe, this is the internet, everybody has advice, most of the time everyone has different advice (including me). I'm looking at the vid again, and I must say, though your form isn't perfect, it's not bad either. Just do what you did, as long you feel you're hamstrings and legs did the work. Don't overanalyze, get strong!


Your shoulders should be over the bar, just on the other side, your knees shouldn't be that far forward.

Watch the following videos. Everybody is a little bit different, but their ass is back, their head is up so they can look straight ahead, and their shoulders are just on the other side of the bar.

Yeah buddy.


I don't know, man. That was a hard video to watch. Next time, keep the camera stationary.


Intheburg04, you need to untwist your knickers pal. I was not questioning your manhood. Neither do I know who the hell you are or what you have done(or care). Further i didn't say you were clueless. Although you have come across as a bit of a tool.

Unfortunatly you did fall into my trap and had to mention Westside and perpendicular shins. Fine if your using a very wide stance in a leviathan squating out of a monolifts. For those out there lifting unqequipped or single ply knees coming forward to some degress is fine. I am in no way adocating knees coming over your toes or not pushing back to initate the squat, but to say they must be perpendicular is a gross generalization. Further if you meant they should be close to perpenducular thats what you should have said!

As for squat and deadlift perforance I have pulled 2.95xBW and squatted 2.5xBW in competition unequipped. Not a world beater but solid enough to know something about unequipped lifting :]