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My Deadlift Video


Hey, a bit embarrassing to post this video cause I suck massively at deadlifting but I need help getting my form better. I know I can pull much heavier if I knew how to pull more efficiently but I can feel that I suck at the set up and the whole movement. Please give me advice on how to set up better and technique throughout the lift. Thanks !!! This is 400 lbs by the way for 2 sets of 5 but the video cut off before I even put the weight down for the first rep.


I really don't like the arm bend you do before start start your pull. It looks like you manage to straighten your arms before you start pulling but it is a really fine line between getting your arm straight and tearing something.

You do a lot of knee extension and then a lot of hip extension. I would like to see your hips/posterior chain getting involved earlier - it may be that you are starting with your hips too low.

It's not a bad pull though, good work keeping your back in check.


Hey thanks for the response. I didn't even realize I bent my arm that much until u pointed it out. Thank you! Also just wondering what u mean when u say there is a lot of knee and hip extension going on? And how do I get the hips and posterior chain involved more? Plz help I have my first meet in December lol


It doesn't look that bad. If your grip strength isn't a concern you can use straps with double overhand to get used to keeping your arms straight. While doing that think of your arms as cables and maybe it'll be easier to keep them straight when you switch back. Make sure your grip isn't a limiting factor though.

You do sit for awhile before actually pulling. One thing you can try is to fully extend your legs and round your back right before pulling. Then pull your hips down while keeping your hamstrings tight and get your back, abs and lats as tight as possible while shifting your weight back. Once your shoulders are over the bar, leg press the ground away. Everything should feel tight right before you initiate the lift.

If you make any changes, it's probably fine to try it over the next few weeks. IMO, you shouldn't make anymore adjustments when you're a month out.


As long as that lower back is straight you`re gonna be fine, upper back rounding doesnt really matter.
You should do Deadlift stance box squats and Barbell rows can help alot from back rounding.
Watch this and try them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jK7wJftL78


That is about the broadest generalization you could make, upper back rounding went from the devil to the answer for everyones deadlift now. Most people aren't even voluntarily rounding their upper back it just happens from a shitty set up. You need to stop jerking the bar first off, wedge your own bodyweight against the bar. Learn how to brace against your belt and use posterior chain muscles.


Rounding some upper back is fine as long as you stay braced. This will shorten the range of motion and allow for bigger pulls. Most good dl'ers with massive pulls round the upper back.

Also, you didn't do 2x5 if that was your very first rep. Just sayin.


thanks for the help everyone.. .and yes i did do 2 sets of 5. the first rep was the hardest after that i just did touch and go. thanks