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My Deadlift Sucks. Time to Fix It

So, my deadlift is becoming a bigger problem the more and more i progress.
I don’t know, when what or how started the problem.

So, my squat tested is 170kg, and my deadlift is also 170kg.
i think most people i see have a 10-15kg difference in they’re squat/deadlift.

I’ll attach a video of my deadlift, and ill detail what my trainings bin like for the past half year roughly for the deadlift.

Deficit deadlift for the first 4 months, then snatch grip deadlift. These where a 4x6.
Romanian deadlift. 4x8 very light. I feel these helped a ton with my lockout.
4x5 competition style deadlift.

The progression was 2,5kg a week on the comp style.

My training now is deadlift 1x per week, building up to a heavy set the 3rd week.

Only video i’ve got at the moment of my deadlift.
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you can do it!

One thing i do notice on setup and the initial pull is that the bar moves slightly forward from starting position. May be an indication of the bar being too close to your shins. One trick that helped me find a good starting spot is take about 80% and pull as you would but on the descent stay tight and as soon as the bar touches the ground again thats going to be very close to a good tight starting position. One thing is for sure, that your quads are not the weak point in starting bc of that being equal to deadlift.

Do sumo lol

I think your deadlift looks pretty good actually especially how tight/braced you are that you can get your back straight. Maybe tweak the starting position of the bar like the above poster said. Personally I go the other way where I like the bar close on my shins though

I think maybe for you some training stuff would be more helpful.

Like learning to accelerate the bar as fast as possible whatever the weight. Can’t really practice this explosivity with high percentages. I know a chick who pulls 170ish but outside of comp and peaking never works above 130 but hits clean fast/explosive reps

Like I said it’s not at all Poverty technique so maybe you simply just need to get thicc. Gain weight in the right places. How much you weigh rn?

Doesn’t matter.You need to be thiccer. Deadlifts and squats alone did well enough for me but maybe we train them different

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You could shift the bar forward relatively to your centre of gravity or you could try shifting your body and thus your centre of gravity back. Explanation from JP Cauchi:

For myself I love having the bar close af to me. Then again I pull conventional high hipped and stiff legged almost so make of it what you will.

Also the way your knees and hips lock out looks weird as fuck. The sequencing that is. Knee and hip angles close at the same rate and lock at the same time (tho lot of people do well locking knees slightly before hips). It’s partly obscured by the plates but you do some weird shit with your knees getting to 80% locked, staying there until for a bit waiting for the hips and then locking. Looks like hitching waiting to happen and about 100% likelihood you’re not maximally using your quads to help the deadlift.

Back at it again with the pro tips

If you’re strengths lie in your legs i.e. its not your deadlift being shit but your squat being strong sumo should be your competition lift

Hat trick of JP Cauchi wisdom complete:

I’ve heard wearing tights increases thiccness by 40% and thicness gains by 100%. Srsly tho whenever your next massing phase is you know where to focus.

Also SBD deadlift socks increase deadlift by 10% because of how smooth and sexy they are. Surely you have a few pairs of them. Use them.

Ur welcome. I take payment via PayPal or in the form of SBD gear. k thanks


You’re like a foot too far away from the bar when you start, your lower back is weak as you’re clearly quad dominant in the lift. But form isn’t really that bad.

Start closer.

Do more good mornings.

Use a SSB for squatting for a month or two.

Can confirm. Facts out of 10

If technique is something you are trying to bring up maybe go higher frequency too. Like twice a week. Great for technique gains

We aren’t lifting heavy enough to really hammer ourselves so we can do twice a week. Past 6 months my mate has had me on twice a week deadlift often conventional and sumo and it’s gone pretty well.

Bin contemplating doing this for a while now. The leg strength will certainly help.
My main concern has bin my hips have hurt allot in the past doing sumo, Mobility?

Gym doesn’t own a SSB, Any variations that are similar to a SSB?
Ill try and see if good mornings work.

Guess this is what we’ve got so far:
Try sumo (probably will.)
I’m to close to the bar, I’ve tried moving back some and it did feel more comfortable, Will see.
SSB (gym doesn’t have one)
Good mornings (will try.)

Just get my hamstrings/glutes/back stronger?

Start comfortable then progress from there. Mobility work helped me initially but I hear plenty of people not recommending it.

There’s a lot of natural variation in hip structure so like what angle your knees can go out comfortably according to khangles so that means your sumo may look different then like mine. So trying to emulate a certain form could lead to pain.

Find a stance and execution that’s comfy to start off with

Actually Sturat said too far away, khangles said shift centre of gravity back so there’s no consensus. Try all the tweaks lol

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With a conventional dead the bar should start no further in front of you than mid foot. Ideally it should be touching your shins when you stand. People make the mistake of bending their legs and letting their knees drift forward so their shins touch, this then requires the bar to horizontally translate once it’s passed your knees. Instead grip it with straight legs and learn to use the weight to sit back and get tight.

It’s his first point and he knows more about deadlifting than this entire forum put together.


Quad dominant, too far away, need to shift center of gravity back, more hamstrings, something wrong with extension…

All kind of hinting around the same thing. Shoulders are getting over the bar, extending you/pulling you a little forward.

This would be great for olympic style lifting, where you get over the bar with a flat to arched back. But bad for Deadlifting, where you want your back more neutral and weight behind the bar.

I think your choice of assistance, Romanian DL/Snatch Grip DL (stereotypical Olympic style lifts where you get over the bar) have reinforced this forward/extended position in your regular Deadlift.

Strong vid/10. I pull sumo as the comp lift but when I Conventional Deadlift having the bar up real close to me is the best tweak I’ve ever made. I haven’t been in Powerlifting too long but I’m guessing Bolton held the deadlift record before Benni Magnusson barely exceeded it?

Bolton was the first legend to pull over 1000lbs in a true PL,competition. He’s a legend, not a man.

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I don’t think that Andy Bolton is wrong, but it’s not the only way to do it. Look at Mike Tuchscherer in this video - knees over the bar:
It’s a question of figuring out which technique works for you based on leverages and limb lengths. If I pull like Mike then the bar hits my knees but if I pull like Andy I have to round my back so I just pull sumo.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying you’re wrong. I’m kidding. When you watch Bolton vs mike whateverthefuck you can see Bolton deadlift finishes much higher up his thighs due to his proportions so his closer start prevents the need for horizontal bar translation. Our young lifter here has a similar finish position and as a result you can see the horizontal movement that occurs due to the starting position.

Mike somethingorother doesn’t really have that issue as his final position barely has the bar clearing his kneecaps. So I agree with you point about individual leverages but in this case I feel our rookie is closer to Andy than Mike.

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3/10 online argument

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I’d give us a perfect 5/7 personally.

However I don’t think it’s an argument, we both agree that differing leverages will result in differences in “optimal” technique.

I was looking forward to an ungentlemanly discussion on who is the greater powerlifter and who has made the greater contribution to the sport of Powerlifting between Andy Bolton and Mike Tuchscererereeer. Perhaps there’s no right answer but then again that’s the fun of it.

A vote for Mike Tuchscherer lel

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