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My Deadlift Just Wont Go Up


I'm doing Westside barbell program and I love it everything else is going up breaking prs on all my lifts except deadlift just stays there it doesn't feel like its increasing at all the weights feel heavy all the time Idk what to do


How often are you deadlifting?


Sounds like it may be a form problem. Maybe try posting a video.


Typical problem with the WSB template. It’s hard to program it correctly without a shit-load of studying, as demonstrated by the hordes of people online bashing it lately. Alot of the big name guys who use the method don’t pull much besides what they do for speed work, and some have written that they don’t pull from the floor at all till the meet, but that doesn’t work for everyone so you have to tailor the approach a bit.

I had the same issue when using the WSB method. I eventually fixed it by forcing myself to exclusively pick the variations that I sucked at for ME work and making sure every DL ME movement I trained hammered my weak point. I also stopped using accommodated resistance on speed day to give myself more time to work on form without any modification.


What do you do to train your lower body and back? Also a video of your deadlift would help because it maybe that your strong enough to make a PR, but your form isn’t good enough. It could also be that your psyching yourself out.

If you can’t show a video for the interim, then try explaining where you miss a deadlift in as much detail as possible.


I think it might be mental because I’m getting stronger in all the movements that help my deadlift good mornings legs are getting stronger I pull conventional sumo just feels weird pulling from the floor could be it Idk


Videos, words are meaningless. A vid will help see if this is a form issue which it usually is for the DL, from there you go to programing, ect.


I have the same kind of problem animal. My deadlift always limps along. It seems that no matter what I do it just creeps along. Every pound added to the bar is a hard fought battle and PR’s are far in between each other. Squats and bench progress along much better typically. Well, before I blew out my shoulder anyways, now every lift is a battle to get back to where I left off, but that’s another story.


Surovetsky’s 9 week deadlift program has worked for me twice after stalling. it’s twice a week, one more volume oriented day and one heavy day. you could work in DE work for squats before the volume day. Last fall when I ran this program I added heavy rack pulls, front squats or squats after deadlifting on the heavy day.


Might have to check that I love Westside program I mean I haven’t maxed out since April but what I have tried it sucks anyway should I add rack pulls to get used to heavy weight


I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying in that last post, but I gathered that you haven’t maxed in a while and are considering rack pulls. First, get a max that you can use to obtain appropriate numbers for speed work. I doubt rack pulls would help you though. It’s easy to reinforce bad habits with rack pulls and I’d be willing to bet you have a few you need to iron out.

Besides, I think they have limited utility anyway. Accommodated resistance with a full ROM is a better use of your time IMO. Reverse bands give you an opportunity to overload the top while still making you pull from the floor, and they have the added benefit of teaching you to pull fast. Pulls against bands are useful as well. They are excellent for developing a fast start and for conditioning you to accelerate all the way through. And many people find that training the version they don’t do in competition (sumo for you) actually helps their preferred version significantly.


So when deadlifts off a platform help increase the range of motion which will it help increase my deadlift because I love the the deadlift its my favorite lift and its just frustrating not being able to really do it cause I get mad and don’t know what to do can you guys give me excercises for weak points


I’ll give you some resources that can help. On this site, you can find articles written by Dave Tate about Westside. Even Louie Simmons himself had an article put up here recently. Also look on elitefts.com. Read The Book of Methods by Louie Simmons… multiple times.

There’s also a couple of Westside threads on the PL forum that great. The first thread started by Storm the Beach a poster of ours is the most informative and great.


Personally I think you should start incorporating some commas and reading through your text before posting. It would definitely make your posts more dynamic, cause right now it’s more like max effort to read what you write.


[quote]matias95 wrote:
Personally I think you should start incorporating some commas and reading through your text before posting. It would definitely make your posts more dynamic, cause right now it’s more like max effort to read what you write.[/quote]



Deadlift more. I’m programmed by josh Bryant . My deadlift was stuck in the 585 for awhile . He made me work more and harder.

Last Thursday I pulled six sets of 2 with 500 w 90 secs rest . Twelve reps with 500.

I’m app two months off a meet were I pulled an easy pr of 620 at 198. Josh varies my pulling , but it’s done a lot. The most volume I ever did was app 18 reps with 495 or more in a workout . It common for him to have me work up to a heavy weight followed by lighter sets done with short rests followed by my auxiliary work .


Using Westside, my deadlift went up without any deadlifting or rack pulling or even goodmornings. Just speed and heavy box squats with bands, and Zerchers with a 100-140 pound sandbag. BUT by squat rose a lot faster than my deadlift. When I started, I deadlifted 375 and squatted 345 and in one year I DLed 410 and squatted 425 and so far have DLed 435 and squatted 445. At some point my squat surpassed my DL.

I used to DL sumo before Westside. Basically I’d max conventional and then move out and I’d be able to get 10 more pounds. I switched to Conventional because basically it was faster but today I might recommend training Sumo fast but lifting Conventional. The more I deadlift one way of the other, the more my body starts not liking it.

I don’t currently follow the westside protocol 100% but I will say this: in training I firmly believe that you should go wide as possible on squats wide on DLs. Then come in as close as you want when you max. I can squat more a little closer, and DL more conventional, but close squats and DLs do not make me stronger.

Also a strong grip helps even if you are not losing your grip on a max. I used to always fail from grip. What stopped that was walking with a wheelbarrow with 300-400 pounds in it for 10 trips of 60 yards.

One assistance exercise that does help is a special kind or barbell Zercher which I will do from the rack. I put a 5 foot long sleeve of PVC either 4 or 6 inches in diameter over the barbell.

This thickens the bar and puts the load several inches further out. Then I roll up a towell an put it over my neck so that the 2 ends are hanging in front of me on my chest. Then when I reach under the bar, I reach up and grab the two ends of the towell. This lets me hold pretty much any weight.


Thank you for all the answers, im gonna try to film my deadlift and pick apart weakness and train from there


Thank you for all the answers, im gonna try to film my deadlift and pick apart weakness and train from there


Deadlift more. If you read the Westside Barbell Squat and DL manual (published a couple years after Book of Methods) you’ll see even Louie notes that his guys weren’t deadlifting enough in training and their comp DLs suffered as a result. As others have said, work in conventional deadlifts, banded deadlifts and reverse band DLs.

For what it’s worth, my deadlift has consistently gone up on Westside. Squat and bench continue to progress, but not at the same rate as the deadlift. I always do at some speed pulls after box squats on DE days, and do some type of pull on ME day every other week. If you’re an 800+ lb deadlifter this may be too often, but it hasn’t given me any problems with a DL hovering around 500.