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My Deadlift 130kg - Please Check Out my Form..


is bad or not?


Side angle would probably help your cause alot more.


^ indeed, looks ok though - and youre not jerking the bar off the floor, which is good


Looks good. Keep it up!


Looks Good


Looks like your leaning too far backwards in your set up. At the moment you pull Your shoulders look to be way behind the bar. Hard to tell with the camera angle. Could you take a side view video


thank you very much guys!

I'll try upload side view soon!



thank you I'll try your advice!


fist bump for the Jay Park username


I personally think your lean is just fine; the shoulders aren't rounding and your back posture is surprisingly good(During most PR's a rounding of the shoulders tends to occur with the straightening of the thoracic spine happening at the top of the movement). Honestly, that looked easy. I would advise putting more weight on and then asking for feedback; that is when your weaknesses will show themselves more. Overall good lift though, keep it up


completely agree with this

stick 140 maybe even 145 on and see what happens.

Good work though.