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My DBs Love Me


With the DB bar I have at home (1.2" / 3 cm), I can lift some 5-10% more.

Maybe it's the knurling, maybe the thickness, maybe the metal just vibrates on a frequence close to my body's... or whatever else.

Oh, and I weighed both the bar and the weights, the difference is at most 1% from what it says it weighs.

Today, I just managed 20 kg/44 lb x7 on hammer curls, pretty strict, while at the gym I can hardly get 6, the 6th hardly moving, and my wrist limping...

This happen to anyone else? (the DB/BB at home or at a gym feel so much better than those at another place)


It seems like when I switch gyms, I lose weight on my squat for the first workout, always.


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Think it's all down to nerves, poor mental focus etc something you won't have as much at home or once you get used to the gym.


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for me it's the opposite. everything feels a lot heavier at home. i trained at home for 3 months, went to the gym and could lift10-20% more there.


'maybe the metal just vibrates on a frequence close to my body'

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Limp wrist...


Yea my freind has a bench and i have almost set every Bp pr on his bench. I usually go to my gym but when our schedules allow it we work out together and i almost always hit a new pr.


Are the DBs at the gym longer? The longer they are, the more strength and energy it takes to balance the DB. For instance, think about how hard it would be to DB press a couple of 45lb standard bars. Probably pretty hard but a db is easy. (Exaggerated example for illustration purposes only.)

I went to a gym once and struggled with weight that was normally easy. My friend pointed out that they were longer DBs.


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Are the dumbbells at your gym plate-loaded? If so, they might be ~5 pounds heavier than labeled. Look and see, often times "20's" will have 1 ten on each side, "40's" two tens on each side, 60's 3 tens and so on. They don't account for the weight of the bars.