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My Day 1 Plan: Rate it, Tear It Apart


Okay. Thanks so much for all the info guys. My plan would suck without your input.

Okay. 1.5, got it. So “beginner gains” can occur more than once? Say for example, I got my first wave a while ago, but because I’m training and eating more efficiently now, I get a second “beginner gains” round?

I’m going to repost this so people new to this thread can maybe help me answer my questions:

I’m working out with two other guys who also want to do this plan, however, like me, they have some questions that I can’t answer. So here it goes:

  1. I’d like to add an ab routine to this workout. Which day is best or does it matter? If it makes a difference, after my last back day my abs were a little sore(guessing this was from pullups as my other friend didn’t do pull ups and his weren’t sore).

  2. Are decline bench presses necessary and what is their main purpose? I know decline bench press works the lower area of the chest harder but is it necessary? Also, is it mainly for ‘looks’ or can it help increase strength sufficiently also? ‘Looks’ wise, are they necessary to get a full-looking chest? (sounds so vain…lol)

  3. Will it benefit or hurt to do bench press as a tag-on exercise at the end of Day 3(leg day)?

  4. I want to add a calf exercise. Which one in your opinion allows for the most weight to be used/best strength/size results? Also should I add it right after I work my quads/hamstrings or after the 3 shoulder exercises?



  1. Just out of curiosity, for Cable Crossovers, how do you do those set/rep wise with different angles(hi, med, low). Say if you normally do 7 sets of 4…do you do 7 sets high, 7 low, etc? Or how would you split them?