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My Damn Damn Shirt

Elsewhere on the forums I have explained that I received a teeny tiny double denim shirt from Inzer. It wouldn’t go over my right forearm, and there was no way it was going to go over my shoulder. They took it back and I ordered a double phenom instead. My reasoning for this is that I have no one to teach me the denim, and the guy who owns my gym competes in a double inzer poly of some sort and I feel confident he can teach me to use a poly. Today I received my new shirt. I have helped the owner of the gym put his shirts on and spotted him while he used them, so I think I understand how they work. This new one has bigger sleeves, and I can get my shoulders into it somewhat. However, when I try to mimick a benching motion by pulling my arms back, only three things happen. 1. I shake violently. 2. I turn bright red. 3. The shirt starts making a tearing noise. Photos follow. Am I doing something wrong or what? Thanks.

My main concern here is that I’m going to rip this fucker the first time I get it in the gym. I’m basically looking for someone to tell that I’m just being a dumbass and that I won’t be out $170 if I try to use this on Saturday. This picture is of my three year old son wearing the shirt.

Shirts can rip, that's part of the risk. The right size should hold up, but if you're getting support, it's at the edge.

I ordered a metal double ply. I’ll post how it works after it arrives.

Im pretty sure that inzer has a six month blow out guarantee. I would have stuck with the double denim. With just some pointers from steve i went from not touching to touching with 315 and even hit a bench PR tonight.

irondoc: that one article about bench shirts that you had sent me. Would that help doogie?

If so, doogie: I can forward to you a copy if you’d like.

Patricia, please send me the article. The more I can learn about these damn things the better. I still can’t get any of these pictures to post. The T-Mod says they aren’t going through.


PM me your address and I’ll get them out to you tomorrow.

My three year old in the shirt.

The inside of the shirt. The tape reads 3" from sleeve to sleeve.

The outside of the shirt. The tapes reads 5" sleeve to sleeve.

My fat ass as far into the shirt as my wife could shove me. I had her put it on and it bruised her all up. She’s pissy with me now.

I don’t know. You might need someone experienced to put it on you. That made a big difference in trying to get my poly on me. Two powerlifters couldn’t get my head through the top of a closed back poly, so I was standing outside of the gym (the front doors were propped open, so we stepped outside) at 5:30 in the morning with my hands forced over my head in some kind of bondage ritual and my head inside the shirt, but not up to the neck yet. I couldn’t breathe well and I looked like the headless horseman in handcuffs. It was terrible. Then we got someone who knew what they were doing and went from the shirt off to my head throught he hole in less than a minute.

Long story just to say that experience might help some.

Thanks for fixing my pics Jared. The gym owner couldn’t get it on me today. He’s the only person I can find down here in Brownsville that competes. He wears a 52, and we barely got this 56 on him. I’m about to surrender. If I could find a RAW meet within 800 miles I’d give up on the damn shirts.

Get it up your arms furhter. if your not allowed talc at hte moment (if you have to return it) get plastic bags (rubbish etc) and slip them over your arms. helps the shirt go up the arms a lot quicker. THen make sure the seams are on teh shoulder, and properly under the arms and shoulder. bruising should happen right on hte tricep/lat area, not of the tricep itself.
Then pray, cos when you bring the bar down it will hurt like a motherfucker.
Then again, it may just be too tight.

Looking at your mugshot again, ytou havent even got your shoulders seated in properly.
Get someone else to give it a try, not your wife :slight_smile: