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My Daily Dedication


This was written by Charles Woodside in 1973 in his book THE NEW AGE SYSTEM OF PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT. It is a truly revolutionary book. He is now retired and spends his time making wood sculptures. I am lucky to have come across him a few years ago when I was disabled from minor scoliosis, among some other major postural imbalances.

In the book, it instructs the reader to read the following passage OUT LOUD before every workout. I suggest you try it; the flow and power of the words are truly amazing in my opinion.
I here and now dedicate this body and mind to the construction of a perfect society. I believe that all people are manifestations of the perfect Source, and will eventually realize and reflect its Life, Love, Wisdom and Power.
In this moment I consecrate this body as an instrument of the Infinite, and I will give it the care and respect it deserves.
I commit my mind to understanding and projecting universal brotherhood and personal perfection.
I seek physical and mental perfection as the balancing counterparts to that eternally perfect spirit within. I am that spirit and strive to realize my oneness with all people and things.
I believe that all people are awakening to the realization that the perfect plan is in action and that man's role is to find and fill his ever changing position in it. I am in my position now, and as I develop and display physical mastery I will see clearly my brotherhood with those around me, and develop even more my capacity to serve them.
"The kingdom has come,
the will is done on earth
as it is in heaven."
So It Is

If anyone would like more information on his works or how to get a copy of his book feel free to ask.

Miller Williams



very interesting to read. I like it.



At that address you'll find an even older book that though its not bodybuilding oriented, I read it and the principles as nearly identical.


Excellent! I actually have a similar personal belief. It's similar to the "trinity" of mind, body, and soul: the soul is perfect and eternal and unique, and the mind and body are the balancing factors which allow it to exist. I work to perfect my mind and body and therefore strengthen my soul. The segment I quoted are pretty much EXACTLY what I tell myself when I need reminding :slight_smile:

You may also find the beliefs of Rastafari interesting. They say "There is no You and I, only I and I" meaning that language can contribute to an illusion of seperateness and that man-and-womankind are really ONE (capitalized for emphasis) entity. And it's true: selfishness and greed cause strife, and unity and brotherliness are productive to the "self" and others. It's mind-blowing to actually imagine the implications of true unity!

Yoga is also a striving towards "one-ness," and before someone who says "yoga is for skinny flexible guys blah blah blah" keep in mind that some yoga is not even about bodily contortions, it's mental/spiritual. I enjoy the physical contortions as well, because "By contorting one's body to resemble the many forms in nature, one realizes the holiness and the breath of God that is present in everything living and inanimate" (to quote BKS Iyengar)

I am also currently studying the Akan people of West Africa, who are extremely committed to a unified social structure. I actually feel rather cheated that we are so "individualistic" in the US. The Akan also have very interesting beliefs in death and the stages of life one goes through, just tell me if anyone wants to discuss further.