My Dad thinks He Has Low T... I Agree With Him

So i just got off the phone with my old man and he said he’s tired of feeling tired and sluggish all the time. I mentioned to him that he might have low T and he said “That’s what I told my fucking doctors and they told me no!” (clearly thinks it’s an issue). I asked him what his ranges are and he said he remembers they told him his T was around 450ng/dl. I feel like that’s pretty low for a 46yo male who is extremely active… I have about 4 vials of Test Cyp at home right now and I told him I would run him over a bottle so he could give it a shot at 250mg/week… what do you guys think?

Go to a Doctor and find out. You have no clue what youre doing. Do you really want to mess your dad up?


Send him to a clinic or telemedical. He probably only needs half of that. Dont expirement on someone who doesnt understand what you are putting in him


He already met with a doctor and my uncle (his brother) is an anesthesiologist who also has low T and takes something. If anything I could ask him proper dosage for my old man

Next question would be, is low T something that is hereditary?

Go to the Dr genius… 250 is higher than most Doctors will prescribe. If you have to ask how much you arent qualified to give him medicine

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I was only assuming 250 because that’s what my uncle is prescribed weekly and he is younger than my dad is.

Go to the doctor!!! enough said… you really arent that bright are you?

everyone has their own perception of my intelligence! sorry you don’t think too highly of me lol

Doesnt matter if he is older younger or 3 times bigger. You arnt supplementing T. Once dosed you are shut down and medicate from 0. 100mg is a good place to start. After 6 weeks have labs drawn and based on the numbers titrate the dose up or down

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It isnt perception its a fact… You are trying to administer a dangerous drug to your dad that can have severe consequences…

cool, thanks Jimmy. I’ll have him get bloods again for baseline to be 100% and then go with 100mg/week for 6 weeks and see where he’s at after that

You said you went to the Doctor but the title of the post says your dad thinks he has low test and you agree. If you went to the Doctor you would know for a fact… Run along troll

I didn’t go to the doctor, he did. Told me he feels lethargic, always tired, body always hurts… to me sounds like main symptoms of low t. I asked him if he asked about low t and he said yes doctor told him he was about 450ng/dL and he’s at normal range but if his body FEELS bad then he needs a boost. Would you agree with that?

I don’t know why I’m even going back and forth with you, apparently your reading skills aren’t the best given the fact that I said he went to the doctors and they told him the levels. See ya buddy

Not at all. Totally disagree. those symptoms could be caused by hundreds of things… You sir need to listen and quit arguing before you do damage to your dad

Still going to tell him to go to clinic before he does anything to get baseline levels

You are straight up stupid… You argue just because we dont agree with your opinion… You know nothing. quit trying to play Dr

You also need to know his free T shbg and HCT. Also if you are taking T you need to be on top of those values yourself so you dont run into big problems

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I am writing all of this down and I’m going to go with him to his next appointment. I have my next appointment in 4 weeks (at week 6 of my cycle) to get my levels checked