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My Dad Says...

My dad received his free bottles of Grow! today to help him during his radiation treatments.

He thought it was very thoughtful of T-Nation to do such a thing, and he sends his thanks.

[quote]Nate Dogg wrote:
My dad received his free bottles of Grow! today to help him during his radiation treatments.

He thought it was very thoughtful of T-Nation to do such a thing, and he sends his thanks.[/quote]

Indeed! Three cheers and an attaboy to the T-Staff.
And best wishes for your dad–and you.

My father died of cancer, so I know it’s a bitch

Tell him to fight like hell…


Nate Dogg,

Sorry to hear that he’s going through this. We’re thinking of him. Tell him to keep fighting.


I’ve been meaning to say something about this for quite a while. Nate’s post just now triggered my memory, as I have a story to relate to a similar situation. I’ll try to keep it brief:

Classic Grow! saved my grandmother’s life.

About six years ago, my mom’s mother was a perfectly healthy, strong woman at the age of 70. Unfortunately, when a person crosses a certain chronological threshold, some aspect of health must give way. For my grandmother, it was a small series of relatively minor (i.e. treatable) things. After all was well again, my grandmother had simply lost the urge to eat. It was considered a psychological problem, likely due to depression from progressing age. She dropped from 160 pounds to about 110 over the course of a few months (she is about 5’8"). Doctors put her on liquid shit n’ sugar, ahem… Ensure. While she choked down a bit of it, she found it was making her much weaker than usual. (Doc never thought about post-fasting insulin crash–he just said, “That’s odd.”)

Anyhow, I had her blend a packet of vanilla Grow! (yup, when it was in packets) in 2 C. of whole milk with 4 T. of natural peanut butter and some ice [48f, 61c, 72p, 964kCal]. I just had her sip on it throughout the day, and she said that was much less intimidating and actually do-able. She did this for two months and gained back to within ten pounds of her previous weight.

To this day, she says that Grow! saved her life, and I make certain to order a tub for her every now-and-then, as she still loves the stuff.

Sorry for the aside–I just thought it might interest someone. Nate, we’ll be thinking about you guys.



Sorry about your father. Your job is going to be to stay on him about eating. My dad wouldn’t eat , no matter what we bought him or mixed up at home. He got worse because of it…You gotta be firm here, brother.

Radiation sucks. Chemo sucks more.

I’m prayin’ for him, and you.

My thoughts and prayers go out to your unfortunate father, nate dogg.

I sincerely hope that everything works out for you and your dad Nate Dogg. Stay strong.

I pray for a quick recovery for your father and for the strength of your family to last through it all, Nate.

Nate best of wishes to your dad and yourself. Keep your spirits up.

Also great work again T-Nation/Biotest. They did much the same for my mom while in her battles and I have to say the Low-Carb Grow! helped a great deal in her recovery and helping to get her ready for the battles that came soon after.

Once again Thanks T-Nation/Biotest and Best wishes to you and your dad Nate.

Stay strong, both of you.


I know there isn’t anything I can say that will fix things, but I just want to send my best wishes to you and your father.

I remember when I first found this site and you were all over the place helping everybody out with solid advice. I owe a lot to you and I thank you.

Stay strong, man, stay strong.