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My Dad Needs Your Help


My Dad is reaching the high end of his 50s and has been asking about how he can stop losing what he has physically. Since I don't want to steer him wrong and know you above all know what works I was wondering if you could find the time to give me the best advice I can give a man his age about nutrition and weight lifting.

He is 58, does more physical work than i could do (takes abandoned houses and alone makes them liveable again) He wasnt too thorough but i guess he wants to build muscle and build up his vitality...

with much respect,


Does he have a computer and is pretty good with it? I think allot of guys get motviation just from joining here and being part of the forum. I know particpating here and seeing what everyone else is doing kinda of pushes me when I feel more liketaking htta second cup of coffee instead of heading to the gym.

That said 5/3/1 is a decently laid out for anyone to understand and gets people a plan for getting started. It is what I recommend to most guys who ask me what to start with. That or a basic 5x5 work out...


Hi, Spyoptic. I'm 55, and have been training for many years. If he's already physically active, he's halfway there.

First, does he have any specific medical conditions which might affect training and/or diet?

Second, what does he eat? Diet is very important, even if you don't work out much. Is he overweight or underweight, or does he feel he's at the correct size?


Colin speaks the truth. I would also suggest devoting time to stablility and mobility. It will grease the grooves for the actual lifting and help avoid injuries.


And the wisdom stacks up. Colins always nails it, best way to get into the mix. Simple to follow and works great. Once he's in the swing of it and had a chance to see whats up. I'm sure he'll find what works for him. Hawkcapt speaks with the wisdom of the ages and should be heard loud clear, this is important!