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My Dad, My Inspiration


Hey guys, was just looking through some old pics and found some of me and my dad that are like 17 year old!

Anyway i found some pics that must of inspired back when i was 7 or so to get into training and this was probably the root of it all.

he didn't start training until he was around 42-43 and he is around 48 in the pics.

I always looked up to him and he was my hero.

About 30 years ago he got hep c from a botched blood transfusion in an egyptain hospital, didnt surface untill about 4 years ago, he had acute liver failure. he went from a solid 210lbs at 5'6 with 19'' arms down to 105 lbs.

Subsequently he had a liver transplant and has been on meds ever since, gained some weight back but nowhere near as healthy as his was.

About 3 weeks ago he had a heart attack cause by a blood cut, whcih was caused by the medication he is taking to keep him alive!

Anyway i just thought i'd share a pic of him.

IMHO, considering he never stepped on stage, did any kind of stage prep or cutting diet he has probably one of the best bodies for a 50yr old guy i've seen. These pics are well before his peak as well.

And it goes to show that starting in your mid 40's you can still get astounding results.

Who is/was your inspiration?






He looks awesome! Hopefully you have his genes. :slight_smile:

Prayers to him and your family!


Thanks ID, i hope ive got his genes and im starting 30 years earlier so you never know what could happen!


I lost my Dad 7 years ago and think about him every day. My Dad was my inspiration as well. Hold him close man.


Will do, its been a hard couple of years!


Great Stuff Man......thanks for posting!


Those pics are just fucking awesome dude.

I'm going to have to see if I can find some of my mom in her fitness heyday (spandex and all)
She can't train anymore (cancer) but still does her water aerobics.


Maybe I can finally convince my old man to pick up a barbell, too. Then I will be his inspiration...

What inspired me personally: Nothing. I started lifting for Basketball class in HS, got addicted to the movements pretty fast and haven't looked back since.


My dad is my inspiration too. He never lifted a damn weight in his life and only exercised with pushups and runing in the military but he was always that lucky guy with genetics that gave him big traps and a defined, athletic body. Even now he is 69 years old when he is pissed about something he hulks up like a fucking beast. I overtook him years ago in height and size but I still think he could break me into pieces if the fires were raging hard enough.

When people ask him what his workout routine is, he tells them that he does high rep whiskey-glass curls every day.


Cheers Hallowed and everyone else for the kind words, give me 2 months or so, after my cut il put pics up of the little boy on the right looking like the man on the left! Its weird how similar our body's are.

He always tells me that its like i stole his arms!

If i stumble upon any when he is in his early to mid 50's i'll put them up i still remember him having a 6 pack when he was about 58!!!


Amazing man, truly an excellent roll model. All the best to you both.


That's great!

It's good that you follow him....if my dad were that big I likely would have done the opposite in some sort of stupid rebellious way in my head.
If that had happened you'd now have me at 140lb in skinny jeans and a ringer T-shirt drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon ironically.


lol ^^^