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My D*ck Doesn't Work (Winstrol?)


my dick isn’t slaying pussy recently. I can still get it up, but my libido is totally down.
normally i have sex everyday when on cycle, sometimes twice a day. but lately I’m just like meh.

here’s my cycle
test 500
eq 500
winny 30 ED
Rad 140 15 mg Ed
Adex .25 mg EOD

never run winstrol before. could that be screwing up my dick?
should I up the adex to .375? or even .5?


winstrol is a dht derivative (if I remember rightly) so it should really do the opposite.

High E would be my guess, but it’s really just a guess. Your adex dose is kinda low for a gram of aromatising compounds.

Again, if memory serves, EQ aromatises about half the rate of test, so you could sort of think about it in terms of a 750mg test dose, for which you’d definitely use more than .25mg of adex eod.