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My cycle..

Hey guys… ok I’m relative newbie when it comes to roids so I’d be grateful if you could look this over. It’s pretty simple stuff, but I just want to make 100% sure I’m doing it right:
Each week: 200mg deca and 100mg primo. For 8 weeks.

Some stats:

  • I’ve been training for a few years and have my training and dieting on target. I’m making progress, but I want to take things to the next level.
  • I’m 92kg (202 lbs) and have about 15%+ body fat, 6’1 height and I’m almost 22.

Now for the questions:

  • Is that cycle sufficient for gains in the 5-10kg muscle mass increase range (after 8 weeks)? Could I expect more?
  • Would it be better to add some testosterone? Perhaps even just a prohormone like Androsol? I would like to minimize risk, otherwise I would have included 200mg sustenon-250 with the cycle. But for now I want to start safe.
  • What should my clomid intake be? With this cycle would every other day be overkill? What about after the cycle?

Thanks for your time !!

Dude, you need to up the dosages if you want to use Primo. I know you want to minimize sides but if you do short cycles and use anti estrogens you will be fine. I would bump the deca up to 400 mg a week and drop the primo. Add some dbol at around 20mg a day. This is a cycle that will give you gains and you probably won’t experience any side effects.

Hey dbol thanks for that advice. If I did 400mg deca (weekly) and 20mg dbol (daily), how long do you recommend I be onoff? 2 weeks on 4 weeks off? Also how would my clomid intake look like in that scenario? Thanks man!

You could do a 3 or 4 week cycle. I think you are looking for smaller gains right? Dont expect more than 8 pounds on a 3 week cycle like this. This is actually the exact cycle given in the article “Steroids for health” written by Nelson Montana. I thought it was a great article and I would check it out if I were you.

300mg per week of virtually any steroid is
not going to do much for you, especially
Deca/Primo. 10kg? That’s 22 pounds!!!
Try doubling the Deca and the Primo and
throw in a good oral, like DBOL or A-50
for a few weeks. I would surely add in
test too.

And get some Clomid!!!

–Brock Strasser

Hey Brock thanks for your input! Ok based on what you said… wouldn’t it be better to just drop the primo altogether? How’s 400mg Deca, 200mg Test… and maybe some dianabol. I’m also thinking of going 2 weeks on 4 weeks off.