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My Cycle


I am 6'1" 28 and 227lbs 14% bodyfat.
max squat 315x20, bench 330x2, and a deadlift of 550.

Ready to start my first cycle, but I have made good progress without AAS and I want to be cautious of the sides involed and how they affect me.

Week 1:

If I have heavy sides I will stop and allow the prop to leave my body in 2-3 days. Will sides show this early(wk 1 or 2)or am I spinning my wheels?

Test prop 100mg/day(good frontload?)
arimidex 1mg/eod

Week 2:

Test Prop 80mg/day
arimidex 1mg/eod

Week 3 Test enanthate 500mg(if everything goes well)
arimidex 1mg/eod

Week 4 Test enanthate 500mg
arimidex 1mg/eod
anavar 30mg/day

Week 5 Test enanthate 500mg
arimidex 1mg/eod
anavar 30mg/day

Week 6 test prop 70mg/day
arimidex 1mg/eod
anavar 30mg/day

Week 7 test prop 70mg/day
arimidex 1mg/eod
anavar 30mg/day

Week 8 test prop 70mg/day
arimidex 1mg/eod
anavar 30mg/day

Week 9
arimidex 1mg/day
anavar 30mg/day

Week 10
HCG @ 500iu/day for seven days

Week 11
clomid 150mg/day

clomid 100mg/day

Week 13
Nolva 60mg/day

Week 14
Nolva 40mg/day

Thanks for any advice.


Personally, I don't think you need to frontload the test prop.


I agree with the no frontloading of the prop. Its pointless since prop has such a short half-life. If anything the Enanthate should be frontloaded and used at the start of the cycle, and the prop at the end. I understand you are worried about sides but i would not expect to see anything substantial until atleast four weeks in. If its an adverse reaction to the drug you are worried about it why not do 1cc of the prop before you start the Enanthate and see how it goes.


my thoughts on this were to get the test rates as high as possible as fast as possible in order to find how my body will react.


With props short half-life shooting it often will keep your blood levels stable. But there won't be much of a building effect. taking 2 shots of prop on consecutive days will increase blood levels to the same point as would if you were to keep shooting consistantly for an entire week. Like i said before you will see any immediate "bad" effects of the drug with one shot. un-desirable sides will not start until much later and when blood levels are usually at the highest point in the cycle. In my opinion it would just be a waste to do 2 weeks of prop before the enanthate. Like i said before if you are that worried do 1 or 2 shots of the prop see how it sits then front load the enanthate


I can see doing the prop before the enth. That is probably a more effective frontload than doubling up on the enth.

Just my opinion.


i dont know what your supply is like but why not do both? That way after the front load the enanthate will kick in


What I am trying to do I guess is beat the system, which may or may not work.

If sides take around 4 weeks, I could frontload the enanthate 1000mg week 1,

750 week 2,

then run prop week 3 & 4/70mged(when sides will show)

then go back to enanthate 5 &6/500mg

Finishing off with prop week 7 & 8/70mged

Have I gone insane?

Basically what I want to do is be on the prop when sides will show where I can quickly have it out of my system.


Bro, I think you may be over analyzing on this one. Prop has a half-life of ~3 days and enan of ~6 days, so when you speak of the drug clearing your system quicker if sides were to manifest, it's really only a difference of a handful of days.
I've ran just prop before and even with a good fl it takes a good 5 days to "feel" it kick in...Enanthate is about 1 week w/ a sufficient fl.
If it were me, I'd fl the enanthate the first 2 weeks then drop it down to 500mg for weeks 3-6. Run the prop at 70mg/d for weeks 7,8 and run the anavar at 30mg/d for weeks 4-9. Run 500-750iu. hcg/d for week 9 and begin clomid/nolvadex therapy week 10.



I say go for it im interested in what your results will be like. However your highest levels of test will be weeks 3, 4 + 7 8 and your lowest will be 5 and 6 when most people are making their largest gains. But i guess this fits right in with what your trying to do. If you dont like how things are going you can cut it off after week 4 and still keep some decent gains.

Good luck


Viking bro no offense but the cycle makes no sense. First of all it's your first cycle and by looking at your stat i'm thinking u want to gain some quality mass. As far first cycle goes stick to the basics
10 week cycle
1-10 test enanthate 250-500mg/wk
5-10 winny 50/eod
Hcg 500iu start on your second week of cycle and take 500 iu every 10 days until cycle is done
Clomid 2 weeks post cycle.
Don't overload yourself with gear on first cycle , all you want is to start nice and easy and see how gear works on you that's just my opinion. first cycle i ran 250mg of enanthate for 10 weeks and 10mg/dbol for 4 weeks and i've gained 19lbs and kept 16lb which is extremely good.


IMO you should frontload the test E and run it 6 weeks minimum....finish with the prop and var while the test E is clearing your system and you are prepping for pct.

week 1: 1000 mg test E
week 2: 750 mg test E
weeks 3-6: 500 mg test E
weeks 3-8: var 30 mg ED
weeks 7-8: prop 50-75 mg ED

run a-dex during cycle, and move your hcg protocol to week 8. pct starts on week 9.


Bro this is his first cycle , not saying your cycle is bad but way too much juice for a beginner. Second why switch to prop in 6th week , test enanth. takes 4 weeks to kick in and stoping it at 6th week is a waste. 500mg/wk of test is a maximum for first cycle.


he asked for opinions...i gave one using the compounds he has chosen. if you read some previous posts.....mikekatz gave virtually the same cycle advice.

personally, i'd rather see test only, or test/d-bol for a first cycle.....but the original post included test E, prop and var. i know other boards preach test only as a first cycle, and it makes sense, but is definately not gospel.

test e doesn't take 4 weeks to kick in if you properly frontload, although everyone reacts differently....i feel it in week 2. 6 weeks was suggested as a minimum.....he has shown concerns about sides and 6 weeks is the shortest amount of time test e can be run with decent results while minimizing supression.

the switch to prop is simply a half life issue...it allows you to keep using test while the longer ester clears for pct. thats basic cycle theory any vet knows bro, i'm confused as to why you would even question that. and if he ran the test E longer....say 10 weeks....he will actually be on for 12 due to half life....not desirable seeing as the original poster is concerned with sides and longer cycles are generally more difficult to recover from.


the whole reason behind the switch to prop at the end of cycle is to shorten the time to start PCT.

I was proposing a mid or beginning cycle switch for myself because I dont know what sides will affect me. This way I could shorten the time to stop if I experienced negative sides.

Thanks for the input everyone.

I know I am overthinking this, but better to err on the side of caution.