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My Cycle

Ok I just began week 6 today. I’m on a 12 week cycle of Sust 250 and Deca. Weeks 1-3 were 250 mg/wk of Sust and 200 mg/wk deca. Weeks 4-6 were 375 mg/wk of Sust and 300 mg/wk of deca. Weeks 7-11 are back down to 250 mg/wk of sust and 200 mg/wk of deca. Week 12 is 125 mg of sust and 100 mg deca.

I gained 7 lbs during the first week. As of now I’ve gained 12 lbs. I’ve been a little disappointed with my strength gains so far. My nipples started itching periodically last week. Because it wasn’t consistent I didn’t take my Nolva till Friday. I took 60 mg, then 100 mg on Sun, and 80 mg on Monday. Is that sufficient?

I have 500 iu of HCG. I was originally going to use 250 of them on week 3 and the remaining on week 7. I can’t figure out how to open the damn thing. It has the silver lining with a rubber stopper in the middle. It doesn’t seem to peel, screw, or pull off. My source doesn’t know anything about HCG. If any of you guys could tell me how to open this it would really help. I have 30ml of bacteriostatic water to mix it with. Since I’m on week 6 now, how would you recommend I incorporate the HCG into the rest of my cycle? How many cc’s do I inject?

As far as side effects are concerned, aside from the itchy nipples I’ve noticed that when I piss it takes a little while sometimes before I can go and sometimes the flow isn’t very strong. I don’t know if this is affecting my kidneys or bladder? I felt a little discomfort, not pain, just felt a little funny on the left part of my stomach and side. Maybe I shouldn’t even say anything because I’m probably making something out of nothing. I have noticed mood swings also. I also experience more shortness of breath than when I was off cycle. Sorry this is so long, just wanted to provide all the information about my cycle. Thanks for your help guys.

IMHO I would say drop the idea of ramping up and down… since you have already ramped up you cant change that but for the tail end of your cycle keep the dosages at what they are already. Good luck.

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IMO bro you should have done a lot more research on the compounds you are taking. 250mg sust weekly is almost useless. You are lucky you gained what you did with out any sides since you blood levels spike like crazy with your once a week inject of sust and then drain away for the most part before your next inject.
Little sorry for the flame without any help for your question but, it is late and I have gotten no sleep.

I’m guessing that the powder is in the vial by itself. If there is 5000i.u. contained in the powder, then what you’ll need to do is determine how you want to dose it. For example, if you were wanting to dose it at 1000i.u./cc then you’d inject 5cc bacteriostatic water into the vial. Or if you wanted it dosed at 500i.u./cc you’d inject 10cc bacteriostatic water into the vial.
Here’s what I would do: On the 11th day after your last shot of sust/deca, begin taking 500i.u. everyday for 10 days. Once you take your last shot of hcg, start your clomid/nolvadex therapy.
BTW, the hcg needs to be refrigerated once it’s mixed.


I decided on the dosage by consulting this site and then discussing it with my source. He felt that 900-1,000 mg/wk for my whole cycle was too much. I know others on this board share the same belief. He said that when you have the higher dosages that’s when you’re more likely to get side effects. He said he’s had many clients use cycles like this and get great results. Again, I’ve gotten great results thus far. If my second half is as good as my first half then I’ll be thrilled. This is my first cycle of injectibles.

darkangel, are you saying that my blood pressure will spike when I inject and then go down? I shot blanks for the first time last night. After a few minutes of intensity I was able to get off. That kinda sucked. My sex drive went up like crazy after the first couple of weeks.

500 iu is the same as 500 mg correct? I think I had my source get me 500 mg of HCG. I was going to do 2 250 mg injections throughout my cycle.

I don’t see why it’s bad to have my dosage go up and then down, that’s what frontloading does. The reason we have it lower on the last week is to slowly ease me off of them. I did an oral cycle in the fall and experienced some withdrawal and it was kinda rough going off them.

Nah bro you read me wrong. I said nothing about your blood pressure. I ment that your test levels within your blood will spike when you inject the sust because of the shorter acting esters of the mix and then the minute amount of longer acting test will barely keep you at above normal if at normal.

[quote]glock wrote:
500 iu is the same as 500 mg correct? I think I had my source get me 500 mg of HCG. I was going to do 2 250 mg injections throughout my cycle.

IU does not directly translate to mg of a substance. The definition of an IU is different for different compounds. To convert IU to mg, you would need to know the conversion factor specific to HCG. I do not understand exactly how the value of an IU is determined but it is my understanding it is governed by some sort of international organization. They determine the level of conversion between IU and mg based not on weight, but on biological activity. 500 iu of HCG could equal 500mg, but only if this standards body has said so. Just understand that HCG is measured in IU, and that one IU can be less than, more than, or equal to one mg, depending on what you have.


Today I injected 500 mg of Sust and 400 mg of Deca. I was concerned at first b/c when I pulled the syringe out it bled more than usual. I’ll usually just have a drop. Then there was a red spot where I injected. I pulled the plunger back before injecting and no blood entered. I called my source and he said I probably just hit a blood vessel and that I’d be fine as long as it doesn’t swell up. I also found out that I have 2,000 iu of HCG. Isn’t it better to use it during the cycle rather than after?


HCG is supressive
half life 5 days

any cycle longer than 10 weeks, HCG needs to be used.

I did a 20 weeker
all types of test over 40ml
tren 100mg/1ml 60ml bootle (home brew )
winny 100mg/ml 20ml
dbol 25mg qty 50

used HCG 500iu a week for 18 weeks

The last 2 weeks I used suspenion by it self. clears the body in 12 hours

allow the HCG clear ur system and good to go on with ur PCT

Point being 60ml of tren ac is very suspressive.

had the yearly blood work done

test levels 590 HIGH???
creatine 805 HIGH???
b12 80 Very low???
These are the only results that the doc and I talk about
the rest of my body is healthy.

I have been off the all aas"s for 8 months.have been off rekat and tribex for 4 months.
take 6OXO here and there
spike or hotrox
one or the other, never both in the same day

doc gave me a scrip for injectable B12

Going forward I will follow my last PCT cycle againg.

This week my chest has been kinda itchy, but not my nipples. Do I need to take more Nolva? I really don’t wanna get bitch tits, but there’s no point in me using all my Nolva during my cycle if I really don’t need to take it. Please let me know asap.

[quote]glock wrote:
This week my chest has been kinda itchy, but not my nipples. Do I need to take more Nolva? I really don’t wanna get bitch tits, but there’s no point in me using all my Nolva during my cycle if I really don’t need to take it. Please let me know asap.[/quote]

Gyno or pre gyno itch doesn?t necessarily locate in the nipple only. I always had an itching all around and beneath my nipples when using test, tren or deca. The itching might very well be caused by the progesteronic activity of the deca, I know quite some people who get mild gyno symptoms from deca or trenbolone.

If it?s from the testosterone you?re using 20mg of nolva ED should be enough to prevent gyno. You might not need any nolva, some itching is normal and doesn?t mean you develop gyno. I?d be concerned when the itching gets painful and you see or feel any kind of tissue build up around or under your nipple.
If it?s from the deca nolva won?t do anything. I?d simply watch it closely and not do anything as long as there?s no tissue forming…

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mikekatz, I want it dosed at 500 iu. So you say I put 10cc of bacteriostatic water in the HCG vial, refrigerate it for a few hours before I can first use it, and then 1 cc injection would equal 500 iu of HCG? If possible I’d like to inject it tomorrow, then Sunday. Wait 2 weeks and repeat and then it would be all gone. Thanks for the help.

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[quote]fist9681 wrote:

HCG is supressive
half life 5 days


Hey bro, I don’t know where you got your info from but it is inaccurate. The half of hcg is more like 2.5 hours. That is why it is important not to use too much at a time, as you can cause desensitivity at the leydig receptors.

Prisoner22, do you agree that I should take the HCG after my cycle as mikekatz has suggested? I was looking at the vial of HCG yesterday and I can probably put 3 cc of wate in it. It’s pretty damn small. The only thing I thought I could do is empty out most the water from the 30 ml vial of water. Put as much as I can in the vial of HCG, hoping that it dillutes very easily. If this is the case then I can transport it into the 30 ml vial and then add in 7 more cc of water or whatever. Sound good?

Also, my testicles have really shrunk quite a bit lately. Last week and this week I injected 500 mg and 400 mg. I thought I might do as some suggested and continue with that dosage until I’m finished. Would I really see negative implications by reducing the dosage? My balls will return to normal size I hope. I don’t want to have these walnut balls forever and am now afraid of becoming impotent. That’s all for now.

Come on guys help me out here. All these questions become much more urgent when on cycle, especially someone’s first cycle of injectibles. Thanks.

I have about 3 or 4 weeks left now. I’m nervous since I’ve been experiencing testicular atrophy now. I really noticed it when I kicked my dosage up to 500 and 400 mg.

mikekatz, following your math conversions is this correct: I want it dosed at 250 iu, so do I mix it with 20 ml of water and then inject 1 cc? Desperately needing help here.


It’s very easy. See how many IUs you have. Divide that number with the amount of water you use.

F ex. 5.000 IU, 5 Ml of water

5000/5= 1.000 IU / ML

5.000 IU, 10 Ml of water

5.000 / 10 = 500 IU / Ml

Don’t get hung up on injecting 1 cc, using a smaller amount doesn’t matter, it’s how many IUs you’re injecting that’s important.

For more accurate measurements if using a “rich” mix use a insuline syringe, they are normally 1 cc and easy to read.

You don’t need much water to disolve the powder, one two drop and it’s done, instantly.