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My Cycle

Not that anyone gives a fuck, but my cycle currently is:

Tren - .75 ED
EQ - 500mg Per Week
Test - 200mg per week just to keep the dick hard

I’m not into gaining mass, just wanted to lean out. 10 days into the cycle, I can tell I am leaning out, and my strength is way up.

Only side-effect is weird dreams and some extra acne. Will do a blood test soon, as I am sure my LDL’s are-a screaming.

I think the above cycle is a good one for cutting. I refuse to use 17-AA shit. And, no problems with keeping the ole Johnson up.

17-AA liver damage is overstated. And some 17-AAs are worse than others like dbol and abombs.
why not drop the test and do ~50-100mg winny/day?
That would keep the dick hard, water retention down, and winny is 3x more effective @ fat loss mg for mg than test.
That’s what I’d do. It doesn’t make sense to use an aromatizing androgen when cutting.

I always have more dreams when I’m on a cycle too. I’m a person that dreams every night regardless. But when I’m actually “on” they seem more vivid and more fun. That’s one of the best parts of aas!

With tren and test I wouldn’t think you would have any problems keeping it up???