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My cycle!

I was hoping you all could give me some feedback on my upcoming cycle:

Weeks 1-8:
-66mgs oxymetholone per day
-100mgs oxandrolone per day
-50mgs clomid per day

Weeks 9-12:
-50mgs clomid per day
-50 sprays androsol, morning only

Any substitutions you would make there? I'd also like to know if adding Proscar to the mix would help with the hair loss? If so, how should I take it?

are you joking?? are you trying to be Mr. Olympia or something?? that’s 1162mg/week of orals for eight weeks. either you’re a serious user or misinformed about how much you need to take. i don’t think, but not sure, that either of those aromatizes to estrogen so you probably could throw out the clomid during the cycle. with that much gear, you’ll lose all your hair if your prone to hair loss. you could probably get great results doing 25mg/day of oxandrolone and 50mg/day of oxymetholone which is 525mg/week of roids. i don’t how much you want to gain, or what you weigh, bf % so i really can’t tell you what to do.

Perhaps I am misinformed then. I was under the impression that a 1 gram/week level was appropriate. I’m not a serious user, this will actually be my first cycle, but I’m looking to retain 25 lbs from this. I’m 6’0", 203lbs, 11%bf via electrical impedance. The 66mgs oxymetholone is inflexible, because it’s actually 1 A-50 tab that tested to contain 66mgs of drug rather than 50mg. I am also open to throwing out the oxandrolone in favor of a non alkylated oral, like primo if I could find it. Or possibly injectable stanazolol. Any suggestions?

If this is the levels you insist on, check your liver, literally. Use something like livtone or milkthisle combos, with marshmallow root and licorice root. Some help cleanse an some help romve and others produce more bile for the whole process. You might want to cut back the orals a bit. Also the a50 does aromatize so it is ideal to ad proscar you balding body builder, and the clomid is nice if you have it. I have never used it myself but it only makes sense if the item is in your hands. Drink alot of water and maybe a little lemon juice (natural) mixed in it. Fish oil caps for assisted conversions and something to help you be alkaline for optimal efficiency. Like a greens+ 1-2 times a day, this is also an energizer and detox type of product. keep the tests going on the liver if possible. Maybe you could do the one theory that is out there, over do it for 2 weeks and off for 2 on for 2 etc… using the clomid near the end with androsol. I reccommend using zma to help test throughout the series and use tribulus on 2 week off periods at your size maybe dble the dose ie 6-12 caps per day. I’m 5’8" 219lbs 13% and use 9 caps per day and am preping the body for androsol with 60 mg zinc per day then tribulus 9 caps. I’ve been off the goods for 3 years and will soon be going back on for fun. GOOD LUCK!

First off, the A-50 can be cut to tailor the dose. You NEVER want to use two 17aa steroids at the same time–you can use them in the same cycle but not at the same time. If you are using a-50 you will gain a lot of weight and moost will be water. You may want to stack it with an injectable to solidify gains. Deca, eq, or primo would be a good choice. Injectable winny withthis stack is nota good idea as it too is 17aa. Make sure you have nolvedex or arimedex to combat the gyno that may occur if you take the a-50. Clomid always especially on this cycle–dont know what the guy who responded your post was talking about with throwing out the clomid.

Don’t stack Anadrol and Deca. You will only further compound the risk of progesterone gyno. Anadrol and Oxandrolone has actually proven to be a good combo. The price issues with oxandrolone though are a limiting factor (100mgs a day will be incredibly expensive). Furthermore, when I take Anadrol I take it with Winny to lessen the sides. This helps alot. I would definately not want to do three orals at the same time though!

also: I know proscar isn’t good with deca, so it might also be a bad choice with anadrol. get some nizoral shampoo.

Thanks for your responses fellas! Based on the feedback I’ve gotten so far, I’m gonna drop the oxandrolone and insert primo. I’ll try to find some oral primo, but I doubt I’ll be able to. How should I include injectable primo in the dosing schedule?

You’ll croak you liver (and remember, I
am the guy who says that most of this
liver stuff is paranoia) at
100mg of oxandrolone per day for sure.

I'm not listing substitutions since it is painfully obvious to me that you have no idea what you're doing and need to spend 4-5-6 hours thoroughly researching this topic much more. -


Brock, this was the initial recommendation given to me by a certain drug expert friend of yours:
75mgs oxymetholone/day
75mgs oxandrolone/day
Obviously, this is not the exact cycle I have suggested, but it’s as close to it as I could get.

The problem was that the specifics of the cycle were not specified, and I’m not sure that I made it clear to him that I intended to be on for eight weeks. That’s why I posted on the board. I wanted to make sure this was okay before I hurt myself. And just so you know, I’ve probably read everything you, Bill, and Brian have ever written on this site three times over, so your conclusion that I have absolutely no clue is not warranted. I initially gained interest in Anadrol after reading of your results with it, and after, yes after, reading everything I could find about oxymetholone on the site, I asked your assistance in a suitable steroid to stack with it in a previous post. You suggested winstrol, but that also being a 17aa steroid and another class II, I had concerns using it. So, I emailed this friend of yours, who recommended 75mgs oxandrolone added to the stack. As I said before, I’m not sure he knew all the parameters, and I’m not expecting him to lay out a full cycle over email given the legal trouble you have gotten into in the past with email.
If you still assert that Winstrol would be the best choice to stack with Anadrol, I would love to hear the rationale behind it, as I’m sure all the board readers would. Others have said that it has anti-progestagenic activity, and dawg said it helped lessen the side effects when he used anadrol. I’d also love to hear the dosages you would suggest when stacking with 66mgs oxymetholone. What say you Brock?

Anadrol is overated. Trust me, I am using it right now. Base your cycle around a good injectable.

I heard the same thing about winstrol stacking
with Anadrol to mitigate progesteronic activity. Clomid is a waste if taken with non aromatising steroids. As far as I know, Injectible winny is not 17 alkalated and won’t bother the liver. For max gains I would add trenbolene ( Fina) to the stack as your type 1.

Winny sounds like a good choice then. Anadrol may be a bit overrated, or Brock just may have been an unusual responder. BUT it also doesn’t have many side effects except the liver toxicity issue, and it’s dirt cheap for me, $1.25 a tab.

I think you need the Fina in the stack also (it’s cheap). You could also get great gains stacking just finasol and Androsol. No water retention, cheap, no liver toxicty, no aromatizing, no gyno risk.

Thanks a lot for all the feedback so far.

Fina makes sense as a class I, but including it also introduces the hair loss issue and a need for Proscar. I’m looking to gain 25lbs retained from this 8 week cycle, and as a first time user I think I can get it out of the Anadrol and Winny without fina. So there’s no need to introduce more side effects. I’m also debating whether or not primo would be a better choice than Winstrol. What do you think?

I have one more question for you guys. What do you know about the clearance times for these drugs in question? (anadrol, winny, and primo) I may be getting a job as a collegiate athletic trainer, and I think the school i’m looking at has an initial steroid screne for its employees.

I think Anadrol can be hard on the hair through
a non - DHT pathway. I believe proscar only addresses the DHT issue. Primo is type 1, but weak unless you inject over a gram a week (very exspensive). Stacking Winny with the a-50
is mainly a gyno risk minimizer. There is some cumulative type 2 effect( until saturation is reached). Adding the type 1 gives the synergistic ( kick ass) gains. Also almost all
steroids are risky from a hair standpoint, with the possible exception of Primo and Winny.
I don’t worry about hair. In my book muscle is
more important. If I lose my hair I can always
get a transplant( e.g Craig Titus). Btw I have been using minoxidal for 13 years and have been
holding up pretty good, despite a family history and mild recission. I still say considering all the factors(including hair) The Finasol and Androsol stack is better than an anadrol stack without a strong type 1 added in.

As I mentioned in another post, I disagree
with Bill on this Class I/II thing.

Regardless, Anavar is one of the most toxic steroids out there, mg per mg far more toxic than Anadrol is.

50mg of oxandrolone will cause pathological changes in liver function tests in most people. The same is not true for oxymetholone or stanozolol.

Serono did a lot of research with oxandrolone
and PWA. 40mg per day was the threshold where
LFT’s went wacky.

If you insist on oxy/oxa in a stack, I would use 50mg oxy and 25mg oxa and this would be great (the doses you list are way too high for these two drugs).

Better still, I would use 50 oxy and 50 stanoz.
These two seem to have some great synergy going.

Even better, as mentioned elsewhere, base the
stack around an injectable, (not testosterone
or fina if you use oxy), perhaps high
dose Primo or Deca.

Good luck!!! -


Pretorian, i agree with Brock, you need to a lot more research before you even consider buying, let alone using gear.

first things first: your friend’s cycle is ridiculous. research first before you post something that stupid. secondly, you didn’t even know that injectable stanzolol is 17aa. if you’ve read an hour of research you would know that. thirdly, did you know it’s possible to break a tab in half (ie. your 66mg tab of anadrol). fourthly, the people that have given you advice in response to this thread are very misinformed or as with you, new to the game and have not bothered to read anything.

paddy: anadrol does not aromatize into estrogen. as stated by Bill Roberts, a-50 has progestagenic activity whilst not converting into progesterone. i believe Bill.

jon doyle: combining anadrol and deca is plain dumb. you want to be bloated like a pig?? then go for it. otherwise don’t combine them. also, since a50 doesn’t aromatize to estrogen then taking Clomid, an anti-estrogen is pretty much like taking Clomid when your off.

Dawg: if you’re taking winny with anadrol then you’ve got two orals that are 17aa and if it was me i would be concerned about my liver. the supposedly anti-progestagenic effects of winny aren’t enough for me to combine both 17aa’s.

Brock: you're the man.

Bull: injectable winny is 17aa.

I'm not trying to be a jerk here, rather I'm trying to tell you guys to do some friggin research before giving advice and asking dumb questions.

It sounds like you can get pretty much whatever you want Pretorian. I’d say get what you can afford. Lay out all the odds and ends and one of us “knowledged” T-men will help you out.

WINSTROL is 17aa!!! it just passes through liver once unlike the oral which goes through twice. I personally would use primo but if you are getting tested then the detection time for primo can be up to 6 months. Anadrol is a few weeks tops, while injectable winny is 5 weeks and oral winny is 3 weeks. Primo lingers around a long time and is not produced by the male body so it will be detected even at small amounts. the job is way more important than sauce–you can even go natural a little longer and wait till you get the screening.

Scott, I appreciate your feedback, and I know that you’re just trying to help. That in mind, I think you need to get off your soap box before you post a message with a “i know more than you” tone.

First, the "friend" who recommended the cycle is none other than Bill Roberts who recommended 75mg oxy, 75mg oxa per day, but I guess he doesn't know shit eh? As I said before, I don't think he knew I intended to be on for 8 weeks, so I wouldn't blame him with anything.

Second, I did know that stanazolol was 17aa, but I was under the impression that it was only relevant when using the oral version. Sorry, I guess I'm just not an "expert" like you yet, or maybe it just slipped by me...

Third, I am well aware that it’s possible to break the tab in half, I simply choose not to. What the hell does that have to do with anything anyway?

Fourth, given that you included many false statements in your criticisms of the other posts, such as Winny and Deca being inappropriate (both of which Brock and Bill directly suggested me using), get over yourself and don’t criticize the other board contributors, who for the most part contributed things that were closer to what Brock and Bill have told me. ie, Deca and Winstrol would be good choices. Thanks for your concern…

Thank you Pret.–Scott your comments are way off line. You basically criticize everyone like you are the know all. You say Brock is the man, correct? And he says deca would eba good choice, correct? then why do you criticise me when i say deca may be a good choice/ If if anadrol dosent aromatize in theory, Ive seen a few friends start to develop gyno with use of it alone. So real world results mean much more to me than what theoritically should happen. Brock comes off with an attitude sometimes and thats ok cuz he offers his free expert advice and just gets mad if someone dosent do his/her research. You on the other hand calling me stupid? Who are you kidding? If you really get a trip off of that and think that fullfills your manhood then go right ahead–I can see someone typing that up, hitting the post button and then stickout his chest like he was a bad ass. This is a friendly forum meant to help people. If you are going to criticize people then refrain from posting.