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My Cycle With Test Taper, Any Good?


Here is the plan:

Wk 1: 1000mg Test Enan., 50mg Tren Ace. ED, Adex .5mg EOD
Wk 2: 750mg Test Enan., 50mg Tren Ace. ED, Adex .5mg ED
Wk 3-4: 750mg Test Enan., Adex .5mg ED
Wk 5-6: Tren Ace. 50mg ED, .5mg Adex EOD

Test Taper:
Wk 7: Test Prop. 50mg EOD, .5 Adex EOD
Wk 8: Test Prop. 25mg EOD, .25 Adex EOD
Wk 9: Test Prop. 25mg E3D, .25 Adex EOD
Wk 10: Test Prop. 10mg E3D, .25 Adex E3D

This would be my 1st cycle. I am mainly interested in strength gain before a powerlifting competition. Ofcourse I wouldn't be upset if I gained 10 lbs. of lean muscle too...
Do you guys think this would be effective? Is the amount of Adex I'm useing enough? Could I use some finistride (1mg ED) throughout the cycle to prevent hair loss or would that not go well with the Tren?


why not just run prop throughout?


A lot of vets will recommend just using a straight Test E cycle without the Tren for a first cycle.

That is what I plan on doing in the near future :slight_smile:


I'm really not partial to sticking myself everyday. But even more importantly I will be traveling for the middle 2 weeks so the less gear I need to carry the better.


When I eventually do a longer cycle that will be the plan. The reason for the tren is to "kick-start" the cycle while I wait for the Test to kick in. Since its so short I want to be "on" from day 1 so I can get the most out of the limited time span.


why not just go 2 on, 2 off, 4-6 on?

-first 2 weeks: prop 50 mg ED, Tren 50 mg ED.....you're already pinning ED, so a half cc of prop added in won't hurt.
-2 off
-4-6 on: lots of options.... test/ tren /d-bol is a great shorty stack. prop/tren would work too...as would prop/var etc etc etc


okay, first thing...what are you stats? that is alot real fast for your first cycle!

1000mg of test E front loaded? first cycles dont really require it..and them 750mg a week...unless you are already 300 lbs that is alot for your first..500 to 650mg should be more than plenty! also run the test E for 12 to 14 weeks..the prop should be at 50mg ed or eod....

it just seems to be alot with out any real time for the test e to kick in...


My advice is to extend the length of your cycle by at least 3 weeks, to ensure you get the most out of your first cycle.

The short choppy cycles, though intended to 'fool' the hpta into not becomming suppressed, just leaves you open for more side effects. The rolling hormones and upset balance of homeostasis in the body leaves you open for everything from excessive acne, moodswings, libido problems, and you achieve from this isn't really worth those problems. You can't really have your cake and eat it too. This is my opinion however, and I am sure there are those who may have found a way to optimize the short cycle approach, but for those more serious about bodybuilding the short cycle approach isn't feasable.


I agree. A lot of times the gains don't start showing until the second-third week, even when starting cycle with fast-acting stuff.


the guys are right. my experience with shorties was positive for the goals i had in mind.....but i will admit that if you go the short cycle/fast acting AAS route, something like a series of 6 on, 3 off for an extended period is a better approach. i'm leaning back towards longer term cycles with moderate doses now after doing the shorty thing.


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WOW! Thanks for all the great advice. Sorry I should have stated this from the get go, my stats are:

Age: 31, 5'10"
Wt: 215@13.5% BF (give or take)
Bench: 405
SQ: 505
DL: 495

I have been training since I was 15, but took some years off to climb while I lived in the mountains. I have been trainig consistantly for 10 years and have been serious for 4 or 5. I mainly train for powerlifting competitions, but I like to look good too so I include a lot of hypertrophy training in my work outs, until about 6 weeks out.

As for the short cycles, I just assumed it would be easier on my HTPA. I really want to avoid resigning myself to HRT for the rest of my life so I have been leary of very long cycles. I got the idea from a post by P22 about keeping your HPTA healthy. Also my goals are fairly simple, I want to be JACKED at 220 and lean (6-7%BF). But what you guys say makes a lot of sence. If I'm going to do this I might as well do it right. So what do you feel is the most effective cycle length, that is still relatively safe for my goals?

How about:

Wk1: 1000mg Test Enan., .5mg Adex. EOD
Wk 2-8: 500mg Test Enan., .5mg Adex EOD
Wk 9-11: 50mg Tren Ace. ED, .5mg Adex EOD

Test Taper:
Wk 12: Test Prop. 50mg EOD, .5 Adex EOD
Wk 13: Test Prop. 25mg EOD, .25 Adex EOD
Wk 14: Test Prop. 25mg E3D, .25 Adex EOD
Wk 15: Test Prop. 10mg E3D, .25 Adex E3D

Would I still be able to retain a reasonable amount of my gains if I took 12 weeks off (including week 13-15 of test taper) before my next cycle to allow my HPTA to recover completely?


O.k, here is my advice...

don't bother with the frontload, as it it won't really speed up gains too much, but can cause more water retention, back pump e.t.c to begin with because of more estrogen aromatization, and sodium retention. - I am sure when you are squating the 500 lbs (wow)the last thing you want is the back pump.

As for following your cycle, here is what I suggest...

following the last week of your actual cycle:

week 12, 13, 14, 15
prop 100mg spaced over 2-3 injects

week 16
75 mg spaced over 2-3 injects

week 17
50 mg spaced over 2-3 injects

week 18
25 mg spaced over 2 injects

week 19 off.

The first 3 weeks of the taper you are kind of in a holding pattern, as you are waiting for the high blood levels of the test enanthate ester to fall.

during this time, begin tapering the AI, and taper it down to zero, by week 16, as your body has to get used to physiologically normal levels of estrogen in the body, as well as testosterone.

From about week 15 on, you can begin considering yourself 'off cycle' as your hormone levels will be back close to normal physiological amounts.

you can count from that point on as time off.

In my experience 3 months altogether off is sufficient, for resensitizing oneself to AAS and getting some good NEW gains - not just reclaiming old ones.

Workouts should remain chalanging throughout the taper and time off, but I do recomend you use less weight, and concentrate on good form, as you tend to feel more of the aches an pains, while off that you don't feel while on, and the pump isn't as good,


the smarter you train, the more size you will retain, and the more new size on next cycle you will gain!

Taper the Aromatase inhibitor, Down


Thanks P22! I can't wait to hit that!


Just to clarify for my own knowledge on say week 17 you would shoot 16mg on Mon, Wed, and Fri? Or is that 75mg on each day?


I was thinking 25mg M/W/F


I think 75mg 3x a week would suppress your natural test and the goal is to bring it back by keeping it low enough that your body starts producing its own test.


Sorry for the confusion guys, that's actually 25 mg for the entire week!

you'll have to use insulin syringes.

Every thing is at 100mg total for the week, or less.

you just divide the dose up - for example two injects of 50 mg or 3 injects of 33 mg - obviously use a slin pin.

The key is you want to stimulate your body into kicking in it's own production of Test. If you use more than 100mg per week, that won't happen.