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My Cycle Progress So Far


I have now been on prop/tren for 28 days. I weighed and took BF% this morning. There has been several folks asking about the progress on my first AAS cycle, so I thought I'd let you know where I'm at:

Scale weight: Gained 6 pounds (224 to 230)

Body fat: I have lost 5.3 pounds of fat.(14.9% down to 12.2%)

LBM: I have gained 11.3 pounds of muscle.(190.6 to 201.9)

For the first time in my life, I now have over 200 poounds of LBM.

I am now officially a test junkie.


LOL@Test Junkie! Good job bro!


Awesome job man. The wifey enjoying the old man's new physique?


Among other things.


Great choice on a first cycle, and great results. Keep it up.

That was similar to my first (cyp/tren) and I had the same sorta results, gaining muscle and losing fat.


Damn Rainman, those results are impressive! You are making me contemplate... we want pics.


Hey Elk!
It does kinda make you think, don't it???



Yes Joe, it does. You know I was hitting it pretty hard from Jan through beginning of May with a few MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC cycles thrown in.

Anyway, I really feel the wear and tear on my ligaments and joints. I was doing a lot of incline dumbell pressing and when you are flipping back those dumbells it takes a toll on these 34 yr old and tendons. My neck and shoulder girdle have been killing me lately.

I didn't feel this when I was 28 thru even thirty one, thirty two. I am taking a couple of weeks off where I am just going to concentrate on cardio and body weight exercises and then work back up into a high level of intensity.

I say all of this because Rainjack's results do have me thinking and I have a good source if I wanted to use it.I have to decide If I want to be discplined and nails on everything like diet, rest, and focus, wouldn't want to do it if it was going to be half assed.

Anyway, Rain's done well and I do want to see a pic!


Elk: I hear you on the connective tissue/joint thing.
Right now I can't find anything that doesn't hurt.

You really want a picture of RJ though?

I'm just waiting for all the smokin' shots of Jana. The hell with him.



Nice job Rain! I'm on my first go around with Tren myself right now, and I love it!



So how goes the cycle? I'm considering a very similar cycle, hence my curiosity.


I'm weighing and taking BF measurements every two weeks. So I'm not sure where I'm at right now. I will weigh and take measurements next week.

I did cheat just a tad and weighed this past Wednesday and I was up to 232, which is a 2 pound gain in about 3 days.

I am leaning up better than I had hoped for, especially considering that I am eating like a horse.

I had a set back last week in that I lost my appetite. The thought of eating another chicken breast made me sick to my stomach, and Steak didn't even sound good. I knew something was wrong when I couldn't finish my rib-eye. But that only lasted for 3 or four days, and now I'm back to hoovering everything I can get my hands on.

I had several warnings against trying this cycle especially since this was my first trip to the darkside. But I have experienced no bad sides at all.

In fact, and I think Bushido Badboy said this first, the way I feel while on is the way I've always thought I SHOULD feel. My temper is all but gone. I just feel good. Not just in a BB way, but in every area of my life.

If you can deal with the ed injections, this cycle is the shit.


"In fact, and I think Bushido Badboy said this first, the way I feel while on is the way I've always thought I SHOULD feel. My temper is all but gone. I just feel good. Not just in a BB way, but in every area of my life."

Man, do I hear that one. I wish I felt as good as I did on all the time, life would be grand. I had tons of energy and also was just always in a great mood. Maybe I just have low test?


Rain, damn 232 and leaning out. You gotta look awesome. Now is the time you are going to feel great. Not to be a downer, but for me the down time was post cycle running clomid. That's when the break outs came to. Hopefully you will by pass the clomid blues.


Elk -

Maybe I'm staring at the mirror too much, but I don't see 'awesome'. The numbers say that I'm leaning out, and adding muscle.

I've always worn baggy shirts, so I can't really notice a big difference in my upper body visually. My strength has increased quite a bit, though. I did 4X8 bench press with 255 which was what I was benching doing 8X3's with before i started.

I had to breakdown and buy me some 36-inch waste pants last week. Not because of my belly (thank god) - but because I couldn't pull my 34's over my hips which tells me that I must be putting junk in my trunk. Wait - let me rephrase that. I must be adding mass somewhere in my posterior chain.


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Rain's got some ba dunk a dunk in the trunk! Break out the apple bottom shorts!

Good job, man.



This is the part where you are supposed to kill yourself. Without red meat ... really ... what's the point? At least you capitalized "Steak."



RJ, thanks for posting this. I assume the bigger booty is from squatting. That means your knees are cool, eh ?

No appetite for steak is scary. All Texans like a good hunk of 'cued red meat. Hope that phase passes.

Very good results. Enough to make it worth it so far, I must say.


I haven't posted a progress report in a while, so I thought I'd update this thread to let those that actually give a rat's ass how the cycle is progressing.

I weighed and took BF% this morning. I was shocked - and more than just a little disappointed to find that I had lost 11 pounds (From a high of 232 down to 221) Actually seeing an increase in BF%(up to 11.4 from 11.1).

I seriously doubt that I am really down to 11% BF, but I am being consistent in taking my readings - so I feel confident in the change in BF - just not the actual BF reading.

I'm looking back on the last month and trying to see if I can piece together an answer as to WHY I have lost so much weight. This is what I have so far:

  1. Kids were gone for 2 weeks. Jana and I took a break and played like we were dating. Bad food, bad training ... EXCELLENT sex.

  2. Was gone for 4 days coaching our highschool boys basketball team at a camp. Bad food, limited training time, No sleep, and cortisol levels through the roof (11 boys, 16 games in 3 days, and I was the only adult to watch over them).

  3. Lost my appetite. I would get physically ill if I ate too much. Which is too say I didn't eat very much at all before puking.

  4. Quit taking creatine as I thought it might have been contributing to my lack of appetite.

I'm not trying to make excuses for my piss-poor performance this last month, just looking at the things that might have had a hand in losing a bunch of gains.

My game plan from here on out is going to be to stay on track in the gym, and in the kitchen. I have no idea what to expect in the next 45 days or so, but I will make sure that I provide my body every chance I can at growth.

Just an aside to the folks that think by just injecting AAS you are guaranteed growth: I'm living proof that training and nutrition are just as important while 'on' as it is 'off'. Maybe even more so.