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My Cycle of Primo/Winstrol/Test Prop


I'm currently on TRT. I have been prescribed both Test Cyp. and Test Enanthate at up to 200 mg per week in the past. And even on that low of a dose, and taking arimidex .5 mg ed, my test levels shot way but so did my estrogen. I've even taken a very low dose of test cyp 50 mg weekly and my test went to the top of the range but my estrogen went really high and I bloated up like you wouldn't believe (i was also taking letro that time). The ony TRT that works for me without jacking my Estrogen up and making me gain ridiculous weight is Androgel. My diet has always been so clean and my lifting/cardio very intense and consistent.

I've been on the Androgel for a while now and I want to soldify and really harden the muscle I have so I have started (along with continuing the androgel) a cycle of winstrol (50 mg) ed and Primo (100 mg) eod. I plan to continue this for 6 weeks. My question is this. I also have Test Prop. Based on my experiences with injectable Test in the past (Cyp./Enanthate) and what it does to my estrogen levels and water retention, fat distribution..etc.. is it possible to think that adding in the test prop at a low dose to start out with (say 25 mg eod or even every third day) would have the same estrogen fueled response as I had with the cyp/enanthate (and please remember I was on an AI on at that time, for some reason my body is just very sensitive to injectabe test)??? or is the test prop going to potentially give less water retention, bloat, at a very low dose? I know there is n way to say for sure but it's important that I stay lean and not add a lot of mass. I love the pumps and the cuts and the definition that the winstrol/primo is giving me thus far.

However, I feel like something is missing, also libido is a little low now. That's why I thought a little test prop added in there might help and not add too much water retention and bloat.


I started the Test Prop today.