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My Cycle Need Help ASAP!


I am 26, 155lbs, 5'8" Been doing weights for 1 year straight so far. I am more tone than anything. Worked out in 2004 gained up to 170lbs but lost it all to shoulder injury in Gym.

Here is my cycle. Want to do 10-12 week cycle. I need have a plan how to break down my cycle. I read a lot people say that with this gear gains of 25-35lbs. Which is what I am looking for.

Each bottle is 20ml.

Equipoise (boldenone undecylenate) 300mgs per ml
Testosterone Enanthate 250mgs per ml
Deca Durabolin (nandrolone decanoate) 300mgs per ml

100ml of B12

Equipoise 600mg a week
Testosterone Enanthate 500mg a week
Deca Durabolin 600mg week (Should I add the Deca or not or leave the deca out?)
B12 shots (How should I break this up by my body weight? and time?)


Oh. Now you want help.

I certainly hope that no one here rewards the behavior this troll has displayed over the past few days.

It will be "your" forum if you do.


This is my Cycle. How would a person be a troll if he wants to use the forums? What does Troll mean?


See: Your Previous Posts for a definition.

And if you now happen to suffer from boywhocriedwolf syndrome, you have only youself to blame.


Buddy use the search function at the top left of the page.
look up:

cutting cycles
bulking cycle

read all of those threads and you will be ages ahead of where you are now.


You've worn out your welcome on this site. The only chance you have here is to not post for a long time with the hope that everyone forgets you.

This is a flame btw, just so there is no confusion.


Why would I help someone who obviously hasn't taken the time or put in the effort to help themself?

Not a flame. Legitimate question.


5'8 155 LBS = Bad


I actually wanna see him run that cycle as is. I will watch, laugh and take pictures.

Might as well borrow his girlfriend also, he won't be needing her.


For one year, i don't see how you have made enough progress to start gear.




It seems like there is someone like the OP here Trolling every month. . .There must be a factory somewhere churning out idiots like this.

To The OP (OP means Original Poster BTW),

You are not ready.

It is really that simple. We, as a group, have seen many like you come and go. Every time it is some skinny fat, 150lb, dumbass who doesn't know shit about training, eating or AAS. The only commonality between all of those like you is a sense of entitlment and the thought that they are somehow special. Know what buddy? you are not special. You will fail on this cycle. My only hope is that you don't end up fucking your self up too badly. I should not care enough to waste my time typing this, but my hope is maybe another future troll might read this and think twice about what they're doing. Even better, I have the hope that future trolls might actually take a few minutes to learn a thing or two about the subject matter.

I'M GOING TO STATE THIS SIMPLY so that even you can understand what's happening.
1. EAT
If you cannot nail down these fundamental ideas then. . .

Go try BB.com I hear they have a shortage of talent like yourself.

/ negativity rant


Do more physio for your shoulder and eat more food.

I used to be 150 lbs at five-eight, and a shoulder injury. With some amazing physio, good diet and proper lifting (some personal trainers rock) I'm up to 170. I don't take Steroids and I could gain, I don't see why you can't. I'll also add that I'm a vegetarian.


So let me get this straight. You are a vegetarian, you weigh 170 lbs, and don't take steroids. So what are you doing posting in this forum? lol



It is this factor, and NOT the fact that someone is ill-informed or under-experienced, that will almost always draw the "sharks" in this "shark tank."


If he's telling a 155lb kid who wants to use steroids that even HE is bigger than this kid, drug free, and vegetarian, then he has all the business in the world being here.

Let's not run off guys just because they happen to follow a different lifestyle than we do.


At 155 pounds at least add the compound known as food to whatever cycle you will run :wink:


Yah I just mean't that it seemed really really random. I mean those 3 things together, I would not expect him to come post in the steroid forum. Came across worse than I meant.


I not sure why people who have no interest in using steroids come to our little corner of the internet.

I too thought that was a little odd.


He may just be interested just in learning something new. Or he just saw this thread title on the front page under most recent topics. As long as someone is handing out good advice or just keeping his mouth shut and learning, I'm happy for anyone at all to come here and learn.

In fact, I'd say we need more "regular" people to learn a little something about our world and combat all of the brainwashing the media and our "leaders" attempt to fill the heads of the masses with on a daily basis.