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My Cycle, My Brothers!

No ancedotal evidence suggests Ronnie is probably doing quite a bit more than this proposed cycle; not to mention IGF-1 and HGH

My issue with the first cycle is that it just isn’t synergistic or designed for a goal. Every cycle should have a clear cut goal that is the focal point. He is thinking of running bulking doses of bulkers, cutting doses of cutters and some random things that really have no place.

I do hope you take our advice and run test/deca/dbol.

I would also be curious to know your stats, training age and gear history as well.

My theory has always been if you can accomplish your goals with minimal gear you should do so.

If you are a vet that has run a lot of cycles, know how your body reacts to all this shit, and are already 50+lbs over your natural weight then by all means give’r.

There are very few guys that need to run that much gear though.

I will second the comments from the other guys on when t run each compound.

Assuming that you are a monster (275+lbs) and actually need all that gear how about something like this:

W 1-4 DBol 50mg/d
W 1-24 Test Enth 1000mg/w
W 1-12 Deca 600mg/w
W 12-24 EQ 600mg/w
W 16-24 Tren 100mg/d
Maybe throw in some clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off through the last 2 months.
Anti-e throughout and of course PCT.

If it were me I would run the doses at about half of what is there.

Best of luck and I also second the advice of posting pics and tracking results. I would really like to see how this would work out.


hey guys sorry for not being on here for awhile!! my net at work has been down the last few days! i have taken all of your replies to heart and have decided to do as follows…

test 1000mg/wk wks 1-16
deca 600mg/wk wks 1-12
dbol 50mg ed wks 1-7

i will be saving the eq and tren for my cruise and will stack it with a lower dose of either test e or prop… as far as my stats i will not be stating my age but i have 3 good cycles under my belt and am well over 17…thank you very much for your feedback and as always when it comes down to the weights…patear asno y tomar nombre!!!