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My Cycle, Is It Ok?


1st sry about my english is not good i know hope u understand what i write :stuck_out_tongue:

my cycle
1-10 trenbolone Enathate (300-400mg)
1-6weeks 250mg sustanon
6-12weeks 500mg sustanon
1-4weeks 20mg superdrol clone(methastadrol)i have and dbol (alphabol 150caps)on hand but decide not t use coz i want to have in check my estrogens
1-15weeks 12,5 mg aromasin
1-11weeks 0,25-0,5mg dostinex e4d
12-15week 2500iu hcg e4d
15 week 150iu hmg/merional
one day before start serms 100iu GnRh/triptorelin
nolva 40 20 20 20 10 10
clomid 100 75 50 50

***maybe i dnt know yet thinking end my cycle with an oral like epistane/havoc for 4 weeks 40-50mg


Why switching up Sus levels mid cycle?.

  1. Run the higher dose of Test the first 6 weeks then taper off if you must but I would try to run it all the way through the same.
    2.You didn't mention doseage wise of Dbol but your Estrogen will be fine run the Dbol 30-50mg aday.
  2. Everything else looks ok.

Weeks 1 - 12
500mg Sus a week
400mg Tren E
30mg of Dbol for 50 days

Pct as you have laid out and enjoy.


somewhere i have read that tren gives u gyno when u dnt have moderate estrogens thats why im scared use dbol :stuck_out_tongue: even with 12,5 mg aromasin and dostinex

p.s.dostinex dosage is it ok 0,25 mg e4d or should use 0,5mg e4d


.5mg dostinex 2x a week is standard.

aromasin should be taken 2x a day because it has a short active life.


do u beleive that tren E 400mg for 10 weeks its enough too see results?...or maybe go 500-600mg per week?..
i forget t mention that i would use t3(with tapering up-down) with tren
and i change 1-12 500mg sustanon(omnadren)

p.s. i know for the tren insomnia is there some medicine help with sleep?


more aas will give you better results

I wouldn't recommend running t3 but it's up to you


i think buy 10 ml (100mg per ml) tren ace to add in first month and pin MON-WEN-FRID…

what u think


[quote]amateur666 wrote:
i think buy 10 ml (100mg per ml) tren ace to add in first month and pin MON-WEN-FRID…

what u think[/quote]

From reading in general sounds like ED is best but if I were to do it i would do EOD and also pinning at night is a good way to avoid trensomnia.


ED pinning with the ace.


well this cycle i would start in september and still im not sure what is better to up the dosage of tren e at 600mg for 10 weeks…or keep it tren e at 400mg and add 1st 6 weeks tren ace 50mg ED like kick start of tren E?..


[quote]Mr. Walkway wrote:
more aas will give you better results

I wouldn’t recommend running t3 but it’s up to you[/quote]

I know t3 is severely catabolic, but Walkway I have no issue gaining muscle when using it and I don’t see the muscle wasting effects of it that many report. Definitely drops my BF though.


seems like you have a proper cycle suggested to you…

but my qn to you, its your FIRST cycle ever , WHY tren ?


oh wait a minute dint read properly ! it isnt ur first ! my bad…


Seems like you’ve never run tren before- have you run superdrol? Both can be extremely harsh. Recommend tren ace to start so you can dial in the dosage and do your self a favor and drop the superdrol. Almost universally people say they feel like shit on it. Don’t get me wrong the gains with what you have laid out would probably be amazing but I definitely wouldn’t just jump into a cycle like that.


well i have run superdrol before and do be honest i didnt feel any side effects…

i have already buy 40 ml of tren E…and my real question is to up the dosage of tren e 600mg or kick start tren e(400mg)with tren ace( 50mg ed_ 1-6weeks)