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My Cycle Has Changed, Primo?

20ml Test E-250
20ml Primobolan Depot
15000 HCG
900 mg of Nolvadex

Thats what I could get.  What should I do with it?  I am for sure running the Test E for 10 weeks, and the PCT is self explanatory.  But what I was wondering about is the Primo.  Should I run it at the end of the cycle with 400 mgs doses per week or run it thoughout?  and should I try and get my hands on some arimidex?  Every comment welcome...

If your primo is an Enth ester then you are best to run it the same as your test Enth (they have the same half life, kick in at the same time, take the same time to clear).

The issue is dose.

If your primo is 200mg/ml run throughout.

W 1-10 Test 500mg/w
W 1-10 Primo 400mg/w

If your primo is a lower concentration than that (100mg/ml) then you will only be shooting 200mg/w which isn’t that much Primo because it is a milder compound so I would either get more or save it for another cycle.

Yeah thats all I have is 20amps at 100mg each. Thats why I was wondering if I should run it thoughout my cycle because of the low amount or only run it half the cycle, or what your saying not run it at all. any other comments on this???

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I was the under impression that you could run primo with a stronger roid like Test E and get close to the same results. Primo is however is not a very good mass, strength builder by itself. So i figured I could run it with test e at lower doses and get good results…I’m I that wrong??

raiderUM you won’t need a-dex with a 500mg dosage of Test a week.

You don’t really have enough primo if you have 20/100mg to experience anything tangible from it.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Personally, I reckon that primo needs to be run at the higher doses (600/wk) to see good results. Anything less is a bit pointless, unless you use it for a cruise between cycles, and if you are gonna cruise, then test is best IMO.[/quote]

can i ask you a “strange” question?
when you talk about “results” what do you mean with good/bad? Can you give details to help me understand?

I haven’t a big experience with AAS.
Last year 10week of test enan give me a bit more of 20lbs, from my point of view it is a great (more than good) results :slight_smile:

So, when related to milder AAS how can be judged the “expected results”?

Is it safe to use the anabolic/androgen ratio to compare final results?